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Quick Links to CLUMP Content
10 Things for Newbies | Basic Game Mechanics | Creatures | Fighting | Group Hunting | Healing | Mystics | Macros | Tactics | Index | Links

Welcome to the Clump[edit]

The Memorial Garden for fallen players

While studying in the library, you happen upon a dirty and dusty tome. Many pages seem to be added and some are missing and torn out. You can tell there have been a lot of revisions to it. On the front there's a note:

Current Events <— current goings on in the lands!

The title is faded but you can make out “Clan Lord Unofficial Manual Project” (CLUMP).

What is Clan Lord?[edit]

Welcome to the CLUMP. The CLUMP was put online in wiki format in October 2006, and players have been adding new information and updating things as they change ever since.

Clan Lord is a 2D isometric cooperative (PvE) RPG. You can see an example of the combat here: [Note: The motion in the video is jerky, but the actual motion in the game is a lot smoother.] There are 3 classes, Fighters, Healers, and Mystics all with their own trainers. Fighters also have 3 subclasses with their own specialized trainers: Ranger, Champion, and Blood Mage. Fighting is simple: equip a weapon and run into a creature using your mouse. Healing is simple: equip a moonstone, and run into another player [Later, you can heal from a distance]. This is a game of finesse and not a button masher game. Tactics and strategy are important. Of course those can go out the window when in a heated battle.

Players advance in skills where 1 stat is increased at a time (ranks) rather than levels. as characters advance in ranks they grow vastly different making no 2 characters alike, unlike most RPGs. Also, there is no rank cap unlike most games. However ranks come slower as more experience is needed each rank. During a fight, attacks take balance (balthus) which is regenerated (regia) over time. To hit things you must have enough accuracy (atkus) in order to land a blow. More powerful blows (darkus) make regenerating balance slower. So, you must train to increase strength, accuracy, balance, and balance regeneration. Hit points (histia) are also important for survival.

Healers also have many trainers that allow them to heal people more fallen (horus), heal from a distance (proximus), heal faster (faustus), and have a larger spirit pool to draw from (sespus), regenerate spirit faster (respia), and more.

Mystics have their own trainers, but due to their secreting nature their trainers are private. But you can always ask people in game for pointers on becoming a mystic.

The population is small, and over time you play with the same people and make friends with them as you would in most online games. As you fight together, you get better at coordinating attacks, and become a better team. One player said, “The idea of a game with people nicer than in CL makes me wanna puke.” Snerts are virtually non-existent, and players of all types the world over play on 1 server.

There is a free demo, but it is very limited—you can’t save progress, nor do some actions (like sunstoning—sending messages to people not visible to you). Accounts are only $15 for unlimited play, and additional character slots are $10 — you can donate or pay for your account monthly or yearly, but you don’t have to pay if you can’t afford it. Also, there are no ads, no micro-payments, and one can’t buy their way to higher levels. You truly have to work to build your character and acquire in game coins (there is no way to buy coins with real money) that you can spend on items, apartments, clothes, learning in the libraries, etc. Working at building your character is generally fun, and with each battle being unique, it is fun for a lot longer than most games.

If you have questions not answered here, you can ask in-game or on the CL Discord Server. Current Events are things happening soon (or in the past) that are remarkable public knowledge: public exploration trips such as Lore Trips and Client/Server updates.

Aurian Chills

Much of the content here explores how things work and what the common wisdom is of the day. You are under no obligation to follow any of the advice presented. Make up your own mind and ask questions of other exiles. If you heed only one sentence of this entire manual, heed this one: Have fun, & don’t forget to eat and sleep: This game is addictive.

To Current Players[edit]

Welcome. With contributions from all over the isle, this manual is for reference and learning. Most sections will have familiar content from what you’ve learned since arriving on this little island. Some content might be new—check out Creatures for tips on how to handle different types of movement patterns/actions. If you doin’t know what to do if there's a feraller circling you, then this section is for you. Knowing some Tactics might come in handy too. If you notice something out of date and/or wish to correct something that's wrong, request an account. I would be very happy to have other perspectives and more hands to lighten the load. This manual belongs to all CL players in the sense that everyone is welcome to contribute their views. If there's one cohesive goal of the manual it is this:

There is no absolutely perfect way to train your character or play because there are many ways to enjoy the game. What you enjoy, should determine how you train and play.

However there are ways to train and play that have been found to have drawbacks on your enjoyment of the game, your character's advancement and/or effectiveness. Because of this, There is a need to let people know what might detract from their fun which is where this manual comes in. Aside from this manual, often asking other exiles is a good way to learn the ins and outs of training one way or another. If you are not logged in, try the discord server for more in depth answers to your training questions.

Please note: This is a reference resource and not intended to be a tutorial or a walkthrough. There are other sites in the Links page that have this approach. If you know of any tutorial that you find helpful that is not in the links, please mention it using the contact info below. On the links page there are a few map sites and macro sites listed as well as links to community sites.

(note: many thanks to Lorikeet for copy-editing earlier version of this manual. Her edits live on. Sadly, her extensive copy-editing history has been wiped away.)' thanks. —Admin

Starting Points[edit]

Topics for Beginners[edit]

Advanced Topics[edit]


New Here?[edit]

The Getting (Back) Into Clan Lord should be your first stop if you don’t have a Mac, Windows or Java client already set up.

If you're completely new 10 Things for Newbies is up and ready. Your First Days in Puddleby will tell you a bit about the world, and what you can do when you start playing. The first sections are all for you. You'll learn how to become a more effective player, and some tricks of the trade. Clan Lord is a complex game, but the interface is very easy to use.

Advanced players probably want to skip straight to Group Hunting and Tactics, or even add some content of their own, where lacking. A lot of the topics covered are opinions based on observation and practice of what works and what doesn't. If you disagree, your opinion is welcome. See below to request an account or discuss the content.


The mission is for this guide to be up to date and accurate. However, it is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate because of changes to the game or new information about a topic here has been discovered that changes general consensus. You can ask around town if you're not sure. If you do spot an error, please contact either the writer of the article (viewable under the "history" tab) or link the page and the text in a topic in question on the Discord server #tech_section. The history tab can also be used to gauge how current the information is on the page.


If you want to add/edit/update/correct something please request an account via the Discord or contact me (Noivad) in game. Be sure to include your character name you wish to edit under, your email so I can send you an account confirmation link and optionally, your real name. Please feel free to edit content as you see fit, correct any errors and even make new pages, if you don't find information that should be here. If you are not sure about the accuracy of information, please talk to people that might have more complete information than you do via the Discord server, hosted by Kalian, or in game.

Alternate opinions on training are welcome in the discussion page attached to each manual page or the main page depending on how important you think it is to know alternate opinions. The best opinions may be moved to the front page. Use the Discord server for discussions regarding the manual, including Ideas for new sections, changes in format or direction, etc. Even though this started as my personal perspective of what I learned from others and through observation — with sprinkles of general game mechanics thrown in — this is your manual now. Make the most of it.


The Management

Disclaimer: WARNING: this site may contain information considered spoilers. There is demand for such content and a debate on what is and isn't a spoiler. Some spoilers might sneak into the main pages. Use them with caution should you not want to know about things that could spoil your fun.

Legal NOTICE: This site is strictly for Delta Tao's Clan Lord (hereafter referred to as "Clan Lord" related information. All Clan Lord information here remains property of the individual contributor, and the contributor grants the right for the owner of to display this information and allow alterations by contributors of information at will. The following is for any content added that is not related to Clan Lord:

Any commercial advertisement here is strictly prohibited. By editing this wiki or any page within the domain of, the editor constitutes that they are agreeing to the terms of service, and will adhere to them in any legal disputes. --noivad 04:03, 17 September 2009 (UTC)