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Clan Lord is probably the most social MMORPG, and because of the design of the game you're going to have to learn how to work as part of a team. The following tips of what to do and what not to do will lower the learning curve between you being an inexperienced player and a valuable member of the party. The following tips were derived from The Sentinel in June of 2008. If you have additional suggestions and don't have an account here, resurrect the linked thread and post them there. Thank you to everyone who replied and submitted suggestions. Post corrections either in the talk page or the Sentinel.

10 Things for Groups[edit]

  1. When in danger, heal the living! — Torin see Overall Group Survival for more
  2. Stay with the group. — Torin. Keep others in your group in sight as much as possible; that way time isn’t spent yelling for help when it could be spent on positioning yourself. If you see your leader running away from something, don’t wait for the yell, follow him or her. See Stay Tight for more
  3. Communication is key. Outline a general strategy before you enter a dangerous area. Do not assume that everyone intuitively knows how to adapt. If you see someone behaving in ways that don’t make sense, take the next rest stop or lull and explain how you think the group can work together better to deal with that kind of challenge. — Maeght See Communication for more
  4. When being attacked by overwhelming forces, form a wall of fighters, and anchor against a rock or wall. — Noivad. When surrounded by feraling creatures, get your back against something — another exile, a snell edge, a tree. Conserve your balance and swing after they do. — Torin see Group_Hunting and Forming a Protective Circle (aka "Forting") See [Axis & Allies Mega Site] for more movements applicable to CL.
  5. If there are creatures which throw rocks/webs or have area-damage effects, move them away from people if they fall! Overkilling people due to standing in the wrong spots is a great way to end a group hunt. — Xepel see Webbers for more.
    1. Stitchers are a special case because they are like bombs. Kill them, solo, or lead them away from injured people because they explode & further injure the fallen.
  6. It’s a good idea to keep track of who you’re with and what they’re good at and what they're not so good at and then adjust your tactics accordingly. Know their strengths and weaknesses. — Yor
  7. Positioning is import: Make sure you’re not in someone’s way if you’re standing still and not attacking (nor bricking/rodding) anything. In tight places hug a wall. If you’re in between a high detha creature and the only fighter in your group that can hit it, you’re standing in the wrong place.--Noivad. In an area with lightning, stay behind the rod. — Torin
  8. Use common sense and common courtesy when dealing with others in your group: Share your healer(s). Say "Thank you" once in a while. Don’t tell me when to heal you (Blood Mages excepted). If you’re too fallen, it’s probably your fault, not your healer’s fault. — Brune. People will make mistakes. Don’t take them too seriously. Correct others gently. — Torin
  9. Sometimes the best thing you can do is fall, but only if you’re expendable AND doing so will give the party a buffer against whatever is killing everyone. This includes leading a creature away from the party. see Tactical Falling for more
  10. Only drop chained exiles from your chain when either you’re sure that it’s safe and that they can be healed or you need to fight or heal or do some mystic thing that will save the party.
  • Examples for 6 & 7: For example, if a dangerous, high Detha creature, is pounding on the group and Natas is clearly the one in the group who has the most Atkus, then get out of his way and let him finish it off before it finishes the group off. Here’s another example. Let’s say a tough monster that usually needs to be bricked or rodded is attacking the group. And let’s say Shadowfire is clearly the best brick in the group. People then need to stand back and let the monster “settle” onto her and start hitting her before moving in to attack. This way she alone can take all the damage which equates to less healing up time for the entire group so they can move on and get into the action again quickly.Yor

Tips from a follower to leaders (Kalypso's Contribution)[edit]

  • If I've done something wrong, tell me (I'll probably be embarrassed or even a bit offended, but I'll learn and I won't make the mistake again).
  • If you're with a group that is not your usual group, provide clear direction, and don't assume everyone in your group knows the "usual" rules of an area. "Run to cave" is useless if I don't know where the cave is.
  • If we're in a bigger group, make it clear who intends to lead it. Conflicting directions suck.

10 Things for Mystics in Groups (Diotima's Contribution)[edit]

  1. Stay with the group (as mentioned earlier). I know it's terrible not being able to bump every tree in new areas, but it will save your life and the hunt. Do not go into that unexplored cavern; you will die.
  2. Don't try and tag every creature up to bat. It will slow down the hunt and you will get less experience. Let your fighters do their job in killing.
  3. Stay behind the front line and the secondary line. Try to position yourself in the middle of the battle so you can see what others can not. Fighters engaged in battle might not always be able to see the big picture.
  4. Stay close to the healers. I know it's obvious, but those balance boosts will help healers stay alive as well.
  5. Know your fighters. Many have specific needs when it comes to enhancements and such. So, watch where and who you give that Akea boost too. Do Not Akea healers! Try and keep a distance from boosting Bloodbladers. I still don't understand how 5% balance boost could hurt anyone... but people are weird about performance enhancing prayer.
  6. Energy conservation is important, don't blow your mind right away. Watch the fight progress. You can tell when the team is starting to become overwhelmed. Perfect time for a balance boost.
  7. Do not fall. Impossible, right? Sometimes... However, taxing the healers will only get your team killed. Sure, it's easy to burst a mystic but your tank is now dead and thus your team.
  8. Try to be the last one alive. Mystics ability to communicate is unmatched. Sneak into the safe cave before everyone is dead and start screaming for help.
  9. Do not panic. Let me say again, do not panic! Everyone is falling around you. You are in the middle of nowhere. Don't run. Death surely awaits.
  10. Listen to your leader!!!! Sure he's an egomaniac, and you're one of the most brilliant minds in Puddleby, but getting the entire group killed will not get you invited on many hunts. Nothing feels better than taking an unskilled group farther than they've ever been before.

10 Things NOT to do in groups (Michael's Contribution) {WARNING: Contains graphic language}[edit]

  1. Don’t be a fucking slathering retard. {Editor note: The following are pretty stupid things to do in a group}
  2. Always pin healers against things that hit really hard, especially if the healer is low on health.
  3. Rock throwers should always be trapped with fallen healers.
  4. If you are at almost full health but the healer who is healing you is low, make sure to dump the Cave Cobra on him. That will learn him to heal himself so low!
  5. If you and a group of fighters have Super Mega Troilus monster trapped, but you get low in health, make sure you run away and let the thing out. That way you can stand there on low health doing nothing for the rest of the battle while it heals up and kills everyone. At least you didn’t fall!
  6. Always drop chained exiles as soon as you enter the safe cave, that way you can clog up the entrance and prevent those other slackers from getting inside too.
  7. Train 9234322 ranks into your BB, but have no real atkus. That way you always have to be on low health to hunt. Other fighters don’t need to hit things, you can take all that juicy experience for yourself. And as a bonus you can annoy the fuck out of all the healers since you will fall so often.
  8. If you are healthy, just go ahead and lure the next snell. Who cares if the brick is on red and half the party is fallen? Fuck those pussies.
  9. If you fall off the snell in a non-linear area like Snaggy or OOB, make sure you run around totally at random and cross as many snells as possible before you fall. It will make finding you a lot more fun for everyone else.
  10. Sharing is for losers. Winners never share anything (including healers).