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What friends are in cl?[edit]

Friends in CL are those people you hunt with often or simply get along with. CL is a community like any other and friends come and go.

It's easy to make friends in CL because as a certain foul-mouthed Zo once said, "The idea of a {place} with people nicer than in {Puddleby} makes me want to puke." High praise for the community indeed!

How do you add friends?[edit]

Two answers, you add friends by going out and hunting with new people. Then (once they've passed the friends circle test =D ) Use the /label command to assign a friend one of the five colors.

Note: You can assign the same color to more than one person and have them all display correctly.

How do you benefit by having friends?[edit]

Friends in CL are worth more than copper and more than ranks. From having friends you get invited to more hunts and have more fun in general. The more friends and good acquaintances you have, the more you have people to hang out with and chat with more often.

Some friends will offer you items for less than the going rate, and some even give them to you. Copper is more freely loaned to friends, and it's not uncommon for people to receive expensive gifts or coins from friends.

So it's a good idea to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself instead of acting like a SNERT.


Joining A Clan[edit]

What are the benefits of joining a clan?[edit]

Some clan benefits are part of the game code. All clan members currently playing get a clan experience bonus. When a clan member falls, other clan members will know it as if they were being shared (though there is often a delay). A clan can have a shared bank account. A clan can rent the clan meeting house in town.

Other clan benefits are social. Clan members usually invite each other to hunts. A clan will rescue its own. Many clans will give items or money to help less affluent members.

What should I consider in choosing a clan?[edit]

The most important consideration is how active a clan's members are during the times that you play. If you never see your clanmates, the clan won't add much to your experience of the game. You can use the /whoclan {clan name} command to list all members of a clan currently in the game. You can also use iClan and CL Informer to see who is on, even when you are doing other things.

Another crucial consideration is how well you get along with a clan's members. You will probably be spending a lot of time with clanmates, so you should like them and be liked in return. If you are interested in a particular clan, you should get to know as many of the members as possible before you join.

If a clan you find interesting has a web page, take a look. Many clans have a stated purpose. In some cases, the clan's stated purpose is crucial; for example, a few clans are dedicated to helping newbies. In other cases, the stated purpose might sound nice but is not really relevant to what the clan actually does most of the time. Many clans also use their websites to explain how they are governed and what is expected from members. What you read on a clan's website can be a starting point, but it is no substitute for spending time with members.

You might also consider a clan's reputation. People who don't know you may make assumptions based on your clan. If you are new to the game, you may not know everything about your prospective clanmates. Asking people outside the clan what they think about it is a good way to learn whether it is held in high esteem or is a pariah.

Where can I find more information about a clan?[edit]

  1. Check the Puddleopedia for a list of Active clans and possibly their requirements.
  2. Ask a member about their clan or a link to the clan's scrolls (aka website).
  3. Ask several non members about a clan and their experiences with the clan's members.