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The Clan Lord Unofficial Manual Project (CLUMP) is derived from the Fighter Manual Noivad wrote in 2002-2003 to share the lessons passed on orally prior to the writing of this manual. The people who taught me and many others to hunt smarter rather than harder include (but are not limited to: Urgelt, JoMamma/Jo’Maril, Yor, Gurgi (despite later throwing it all to the wind and often charging into battle sans reason), Rellim, Kiriel and many, many others whose names currently escape me. Thanks go to the contributors to this manual, and especially Lorikeet, who has worked tirelessly to edit Noivad's sloppy writing habits, and bad grammar on the old CLUMP (all carried over here). New Editors include, but are not limited to Taryn who helped flesh out the healer pages, and Talas who helped with more detail he felt weren’t so much spoilers as they were baseline info. New Editors are welcome to message me for an account.*

If you would prefer not to have to make another account**: Feedback without signing up to edit this manual is welcome. You can discuss the CLUMP on the Sentinel under the Coffee & Donuts section. You may also contact Noivad via the puddleby post office, through the sentinel or via ICQ/AIM/Yahoo: 2 4 0 3 1 2 7 0, noivad1, noivad. If you would like to submit a section and not use the built in editor you may do so, simply send you contribution to: youknowwho _at_ mac dot com

Terms of Service[edit]

The Terms Of Service are as follows: If you post a commercial link to any site not authorized by the management (which means any page that does not relate to Clan Lord, a character in Clan Lord, or a service related to Delta Tao or Delta Tao's Clan Lord), the management reserves the right to suspend your account and remove the offending links. Any non-related links (URLs/URIs/email addresses, etc) that are found by the webmaster to be unrelated and/or otherwise unauthorized will be removed and costs may be charged to the owner/receiver of the unrelated links at the full going rate for a journeyman webmaster with a 1 hour minimum per link removed. This is to discourage spam and compensate the webmaster for time lost to inappropriate use of this wiki.

Only current or formerly active players may request written permission to post an unrelated links to other unaffiliated/unrelated sites. Once written permission has been granted, links authorized may be posted without compensation.

Why can’t I sign up?[edit]

Auto-generation/sign up had to be disabled due to spam bots getting around safeguards. Spambots created literally hundreds of false accounts with names like ‘ghawarkgski’ and ‘mulstanambi’. And unforntunately the account deletion was a manual process. This process took about 1 minute per account deletion, thanks to the round trip to the server and updating the DB. After about 150 or so, I decided to just scrap it and start over.

** If this is because you do not yet another password and email out there, Check out AgileBits’ 1Password and don’t worry: Your email will never willingly leave my DB nor will I sell nor give it to anyone. Why? I hate spam is the short answer. The longer answer is: As far as I am concerned your information and identity is yours to disclose or not, and I will only use it for purposes of notifying account holders of things pertaining to this or other related sites. Information disclosure to third parties should be opt-in, and it should be the law.