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Below is a list of things that don't fit anywhere else in the site. Until we find a way to integrate them, they be here.

Appendix A: Problems with the CL client.
If you find your client sluggish or crashing there are several things to correct the problem. These pages detail common problems and known issues, and suggests various ways to fix problems.

Appendix B: Circle Tests
A listing of creatures in the test.

Appendix C: Command Reference
This list's all CL client commands and how to use them.

Appendix E: Events
Regular and One time CL events are listed here.

Appendix F: Friends
Why you want them.

Appendix G: Glossary
What does this term mean in the game? Look it up here.

Appendix H: History
A time line of events in Lok'groton Islands.

Appendix K: Knighthood
What is a knight and how do I become one?

Appendix L: Links
Helpful links to other Clan Lord related sites

Appendix M: Make
Making items, who to see, what is required and how to.

Appendix P: Practice - where to
Good places to hone your skills.

Appendix R: Returning to Clan Lord
A how to return to Clan Lord guide compiled from many exiles.

Appendix S: Spoilers - Use at your own risk
A list of pages with spoilers,

Appendix Q: CLUMP FAQ
Got a CL Question? Get an account and ask the us about something not covered in the manual.

Appendix T: Translations
Translate In Character words to Out of Character words and vice versa.

Appendix V: Ventrilo Setup
Ventrilo is a Voice over Internet Protocol client and server system that allow you to chat with other clanners in a conference call using your computer, speakers and a mic. Learn how to set up up here.

Appendix V2: Clothing Vendors
Where the various shirts and pants sellers are.

Appendix W: Which GM Ruined Cinnamon's life?
A list of which GM is responsible for what aspect of the game. Know who to contact about what.