Special Fighter Types

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Champions (SC)[edit]

(broad description of Champs needed)

Rangers (SC)[edit]

A ranger can learn creature movements and gain combat bonuses against learned creatures. Befriending and Morphing are also down the path of learning creatures. However there are several other skills rangers possess. Rangers can also track creatures they've learned. In addition to these creature based abilities, rangers can run faster than normal exiles using the Heartwood Charm, as well as use the Shieldstone. Although use of the Shieldstone is not unique to rangers, rangers gain the most from it considering their spirit pools are replenished faster and are easily added to (with training).

Blood Mages (SC)[edit]

The Blood Mage is an offshoot of the blood blader. Blood bladers use their blood Histia and spirit Spirtus to augment their Atkus and Darkus. Because of the secrecy around the blood blade itself no public organization exists to help exiles learn to become an effective blood blader. The Blood Bladers have also had to develop their own fighting style, to be covered in depth.

The Blood Mage's weapon of choice is the Blood blade which is a situational tool. Once a blood blader becomes a blood mage, the blood blade's true potential is unlocked. It can be used to disable a creature's defenses for a limited period of time. It can also be used to damage the creature long after it has been struck with the blade by making the creature bleed profusely.

Monks (T)[edit]

The Monk isn't actually a fighter type or subclass. Non-fighters can train to be one. They train with Bracis and can purchase bracers according to their skill level. Because this type is open to others there is a maximum amount of Bracis one can train. Because of the rank limit, it's considered a waste for fighter to put any ranks into training Bracis.

*Since Monks can be trained, they are included here.