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Events in Puddleby.

Some of these events are closed in nature and are only for members or invited guests. Not all events are regularly scheduled and are intermittent or ad-hoc in nature.

Clan Hunter= Hunter clan hunt. A closed hunt for members. Contact Omega for more information.

CoNGA = Coalition of Nocturnal Gaming Addicts. A closed hunt for members and invited guests. Contact Crunch for more information.

DM Hunt = Dwarven Militia Hunt. A closed hunt? See this page for more information.

EAT = Exploration and Adventure Team. A closed hunt for members and invited guests. Contact Mephisto for more information.

LA = Laughing Academy. An open hunt that is never scheduled but just happens. Contact DragonHawk, Inu Teisei, Pun'isher or Ramandu if you are interested in an impromptu hunt. Humor required and a willingness to wait for a long time fallen while awaiting rescue.

PAG = Pitch Assault Group. A closed hunt for members and invited guests, contact Fundin or CJ Parker for a guest invite.

Puddleby Players = Rehearsal schedule for theatrical productions. Courteous spectators are allowed. Contact Measle or Largo for more information. Auditions for theatrical productions are ad-hoc.

Purple Haze = A closed hunt for purple loving exiles. Contact MaryJane for more information.

SDC = Sun Dragon Clan hunt. An open hunt for members and non members. See this page for more information.

WoD = Winds of Dawn Clan Hunt. An open group that welcomes new exiles and guests on hunts. Contact Farhope or see this site for more information.