Blood Mages

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A small word of advice[edit]

Bloodmage in an incredibly fun and powerful subclass. However clicking a bloodmage is entirely different from clicking a regular fighter or lesser subclass. It is advised to first click another subclass, or learn the ropes as a fighter and then become a bloodmage. However just because your bloodmage has X amount of ranks doesn't mean they are capable of hunting area Y and Z.

How to become a Bloodmage[edit]

  1. Become a third circle Fighter
  2. Qualify for the Bloodlade
  3. Become proficient with the Bloodblade
  4. Gain insight into blood magic

Qualifying for the Bloodblade[edit]

In order to qualify for the bloodblade, you must practice fighting on low health. You should occasionally get the following message:

• You experiment with a new fighting style.

When you’ve qualified for the bloodblade (or Gossamer, or Fell blade) you will get the following message:

• You discover an important combat technique.

When you’ve qualified for the bloodblade you can acquire one from Nacerus (located in the savannah maha den) in exchange for a moonstone and a dagger.

Nacerus says, “I see you have mastered the skill needed to perform elementary bloodmagic.”

Nacerus says, “I can fashion you a weapon which will allow you to use bloodmagic in combat.”

Nacerus asks, “<name>, will you provide me a moonstone and a dagger?”

Becoming proficient with the Bloodblade[edit]

Once you have qualified for and purchased a bloodblade, you can begin training by using the /use /practice command. You will gain ranks in it whether you have it equipped or not. You can use the /use /reflect to see how proficient you are with the bloodblade. When you equip your bloodblade it will drain your health and you will gain Atkus/Darkus according to the amount of trained bloodmage ranks and the level of your health.

Gaining Insight into Bloodmagic[edit]

The most common way to gain insight is to use your Bloodblade, fight on low health and kill undine. Undine hut in NE field is a perfect location to gain insight.

When you have trained a significant amount of bloodblade ranks (around 60–80) you gain entry to the Nacerean Order (located in the Savannah Maha Den) and the ability absorb creatures for the bloodpool. The bloodpool is located in w town under the cemetery and in the Savannah cave. The bloodpool will hunger for a certain creature, if you absorb it and bring it to the bloodpool you will gain insight into the bloodpool.

• You learn from your brief foray into butchery. <Completing the drag-a-creature quest for Vaun Gutturt (needs confirmation)>

• You gain insight into the nature of your bloodblade. <Using you bloodblade>

• You learn about the nature of life and death from the passing of the <undine monster>. <Killing undine>

• You gain insight from fighting on the edge of death. <Fighting on low health>

• You learn from working with the blood of the <blood dropping monster such as a T’rool>. <Collecting blood>

• You gain insight into the nature of the bloodpool. <Feeding the bloodpool>

You will need at least 80 bloodblade ranks to become a Bloodmage.

Becoming a Bloodmage[edit]

Once you meet all the requirements Haima Myrtillus will officially indulge you into the order.

Bloodmage items[edit]


The bloodblade is used for most of the bloodmage abilities. Non Bloodmage Bloodbladers will have more use out of a non-infused bloodblade since it will give a regia bonus on low health. However you will need an infused bloodblade if you wish to use absorb creatures for the bloodpool. When you become a Bloodmage your bloodblade will automatically become infused. The bloodblade has a control-mode. Activating this will turn the darkus bonus from the bloodblade ranks into a damage-over-time (DoT) similar to hemo. The benefits of this are a lower blood consumption and a more group/lastie friendly way of tagging, keep in mind that you will still do your regular darkus worth of damage on the hit. Training Aneurus will passively boost the damage done by the DoT.

Spoiler: While the bloodblade is equipped, it adds some amount of extra balance based your health and training in the blade, and removes defense equal to the defense bonus that balance would give. This means that right after you swing you can actually have less defence than you would using another weapon, or even negative defense. Source

Bloodstone Ring[edit]

The Bloodstone Ring can be bought for 3000c from Sargasti Avantis. Everyone, regardless of profession and training can use the bloodstone ring to block healing at desired health. After you've completed training with Unrastin (12 ranks) you gain the passive ability to see "sparkles" around the monster with the highest health nearby. The Bloodstone Ring is also used for feigning


The Bloodshroud is a bloody red shroud with no special abilities. It costs 6,660c.

Bloodmage abilities[edit]

Bloodblade abilities[edit]


The strength of the debuff depends on the combined ranks of Cryptus and Disabla. The duration of the debuff is always the same and cannot be increased by training more Cryptus and Disabla.


A disabling wound will lower the creature’s defence.


A crippling wound will lower the creature’s offence.


A hamstring will slow the creature down and slightly decrease its balance regeneration.


A hemorrhagic wound will do damage over time. The strength of the hemorrhagic wound depends on your training with Aneurus. The duration of the hemorrhagic wound is always the same and cannot be increased by training more Aneurus.


The inferno ability is used to damage large groups of enemies. The inferno is initiated on a killing blow on a creature. The amount of damage you do to the surrounding creature is roughly 50% of the damage you did on the creature you killed off (i.e. killing a 10 histia creature will do 5 histia worth of damage to the surrounding creatures). The inferno blow will do extra damage than a regular blow, this amount of extra damage depends on your Dantus ranks. The radius of the inferno also depends on your Dantus ranks. If you have completed training with Unrastin, preparing the inferno will also indicate which creature you are sure to slay with the inferno blow.

Bloodstone ring abilities[edit]

Healing Blocking[edit]

You can set your ring to block healing at desired health.


The ability to feign can be very useful in tight situations. When you feign you will appear fallen to the enemies around you so they won’t attack you. However you can still sustain damage from incoming rocks and lightning bolts. When you have sustained damage enough by rocks and or lighting that would have killed you if you didn’t feign you won’t be able to get up. After a while you will start to lose control over your life-force and you spirit will start to drain. If you run out of spirit you won’t be able to get up. There will be a short delay between pressing the command and actually feigning, during this delay you will lie down and most of your balance will be gone, leaving you vulnerable. Training Posuhm will increase the time until you lose control over your life-force and decrease the delay time between pressing the command and actually feigning. To get up you either say your magic word or unequip your Bloodstone Ring.

Bloodmage trainers[edit]

Ability trainers[edit]


Training Aneurus will increase the damage done by the hemorrhagic wound.

Cryptus and Disabla[edit]

Training with either Cryptus or Disable will increase the effect of the debuffs. The reason there are two separate trainers is that there used to be only 2 debuffs; cripple and disable. Those were trained individually. When hamstring was added they were added up.


Training Dantus will increase the strength of the inferno blow as well as increase the range of the effect.


Training Posuhm will increase the duration of the feign as well as reduce the delay before the feign.


Capped trainer to unlock the full potential of the bloodstone ring.

Core trainers[edit]


Anemia trains a mix of Histia and Regia, while training negative Troilus.


Stedfustus trains a mix of Histia, Regia and Troilus.


Increases the amount of blood you can store (spirit pool). Identical to Spleisha and Splash.


  1. The bloodpool hungers, we must work to fill it.
  2. The bloodpool quivers in agitation.
  3. The bloodpool feels restless.
  4. The bloodpool feels slightly restless, but could use some more life force.


Survivability tips[edit]

  1. Put a hamstring on a creature to decrease its speed and thus it's threat level.
  2. Don't stay too close to snell borders, if something you didn't expect crosses the snell you're toast.
  3. Time your swings so you're not close to the creature when it's about to swing next, it might turn your way.
  4. If possible, always move back after you've swung.
  5. Tell the healers where you're ring is set at the beginning of the hunt, so they know when to heal you.

Combat tips[edit]

  1. A hamstring/hemo combo can be very useful to take down fast creatures.
  2. If a creature is already low health and there are still people who need to tag/lasty switch to control mode (dot).
  3. Junk can be very dangerous to you since you will most likely only have one swing and the bloodblade will lower your defence.
  4. Put a hemo on a high Histia creature (i.e. Delta Toad) or high Troilus creature (i.e. Haremau Kitten) at the beginning of the fight to get the most out of your hemo.
  5. Know your enemies. Keep an eye out which creature has high Histia/Troilus, runs fast, ferals, etc. so you know which skill to use on which.
  6. Disabling enemies will increase the group's overall DPS as the lower Atkus requirements will result in Rangers/Champions using less balance per swing (when using goss/tell)

Other tips[edit]

  1. If there are multiple Bloodmages in your party, communicate about your blood level and how much you need to pick up.
  2. Know your hunting partners. It's great to know which other fighter needs a disable on a creature to hit or tag better, improving the overall group performance. It's also essential to know on who to drop stuff.

Training tips[edit]

  1. Train LOTS of Histia.
  2. Train enough Bloodblade so you don't need to be super low to be able to hit the stuff you want.
  3. Invest in a shieldstone and some Heen. Shieldstoning is much more efficient for Bloodmages than for the other sub classes so don't worry about the blood loss too much.
  4. Invest in Posuhm early on to get rid of the feign delay.
  5. Training Regia will make you swing faster, thus increasing your overall DPS.
  6. Training BB is never a bad thing because it can be untrained perm 10 ranks without any losses.
  7. Invest in some Troilus, this will keep you from very low health as the BB health train will be equal to your health regeneration at a higher level.

Know bugs[edit]

  1. DO NOT disconnect when you are feigned. When you log back on you will be fallen but healing will still be blocked, you will not be able to get up without GM interaction or depart.