Getting Separated

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Loose Monsters[edit]

If you're separated from your party, and you know there are loose monsters in the snell, it is sometimes a good idea to plant a kudzu fort, then yell for stray people that there is a fort and where the opening is: such as "Fort in the SW, entrance is SE."

If you pick up creatures, run them and yell for other runners so you can coordinate who will take all the creatures. Often you'll yell what you're running and your health. (i.e."runnnig 5 sas I'm ok.")

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Plan a way Back[edit]

If you get completely separated and end up in a safe place, Sunstone you party to get or give a plan of action, that way everyone knows what's going on. Ask for a safe route back to the party, or wait where you're safe for them. Check maps if you're unsure of the way back, or ask for directions. (Thought if you have time the maps are probably a better option is most cases. Do not just run around looking for the group because you'll probably get into trouble and fall. Your party won't know where to look for you and everyone is delayed. This is especially true in Orga Outback OOB?, where, if you fall off a snell, it's best to stay in the snell you end up in.

When to Go Back if Being Chased[edit]

Leading a tough monster back to a weakened group is a recipe for disaster. If you come back to your group, and notice no one can take of the monster you're leading safely, take the monster away from the group, and try to loose it so you can come back and help the group. If possible yell your intentions to the group to let them know you aren't running off. A simple call of "Running" will let them know you're running a monster, and not leaving them or doing something foolish. When the group signals that it's ready for you, lead the monster back to the waiting group.