Where to Practice

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In every place on and off the main island you will always be learning what you need to work on. If you tend to hunt some places more often, and they won't be below your level anytime soon, you can adopt a training and fighting style just for that area. No one style works in all areas, so it's important that you hunt a broad range of places to learn about yourself.

The Hive[edit]

In the hive you can practice using terrain with the walls as holders for smaller myrm. Simply bump up against the wall around a corner from a myrm. And the myrm will get stuck on the edge.

You can also learn teamwork and setting up for traps and other formations. This is a fairly safe environment to test things out.

Undine Cavern[edit]

In the Undine cavern you can practice running and peeling creatures, using terrain and basic fighting skills. It's also good experience for new exiles. Also, because the creatures there tend to swing slowly you can practice getting your swing timing down.

Rockodile Beaches[edit]

Rockodiles are notoriously slow and easy to learn how to lead right to your brick properly. See Leading Creatures for tips on how to lead them. There also many rocks on the Beaches West and southwest of town that you can practice using terrain. Also one can practice creature terrain by stack rockodiles so one can hold 3 or 4 and only be attacked by 2 at a time. If you stack them right one can act as a moster buffer to lessen damage taken.

Kitty Beach[edit]

At Kitty Beach, there are often many smaller cats to practice hit and run on, and by doing this you can practice your fighting retreat and survival by finding your limits.


Tanglewood is a good place to practice navigating as a group, as well as fighting different types of Orga you will encounter

North Forest[edit]

In North Forest you can practice handling creatures that Feral.

Northwest Forest[edit]

There is an over abundance of creature in the NWF. Because of this, survival is difficult for a solo exile or a small group. This is an excellent place to practice survival if you are alone and group hunting. Because of the danger in this area for newer exiles it's a relatively safe place to get into Dire Situations.

South Forest[edit]

Younger and smaller groups or slightly weaker fighters can practice survival and group hunting here. Also, because it has a large number of cat's all forms of running, using terrain and retreating can be practiced here (solo or in groups).

The Passes[edit]

The passes are filled with twists and turns you can use to practice using terrain and using creatures as terrain.


Test your toughness, quickness and ability to outwit monsters — find your limits. Also, Creature Terrain.

Rocky Cavern[edit]

You can practice luring here, as well as how to handle tough creatures.

The Valley[edit]

The Valley located between the Brambles and the Savannah is an excellent place to learn: how feralling Stinging Beetles move, how to survive swarms of Cave Cobras and how lead creatures such as Young Sasquatches.