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v. Internet slang for “away from keyboard.” This means that the person controlling the character is not there to respond/act. It is customary to issue the /sleep command if not in a dangerous place while “afk,” but not good practice in hunting situations because sleeping characters cannot be chained to safety if they fall while asleep.


n. Artificial Intelligence. The scripts that control creature movement in CL. The more complex the script the more the creature seems to be under control of a real person. example: That new Slate AI is tougher to deal with.


n. Angry Mother Sasquatch, a very large Wendecka that throws rocks.


Anchored n.1. A boat anchor used to keep one in a boat from floating away with the current. v.2. To use terrain (kudzu, buildings, fallen exiles) as a way of keeping monsters from flanking a line of fighters.

Ash Island[edit]

n. Island north of west beach. Where darshak and undines roam. Also home to Dark Temple and Dark Chamber. See


Balance Tax[edit]

BalTax: n.1. A delay in regaining balance after switching any items, inserted into the game circa. v73. A source of great discontent and annoyance, complaints include the effect it has on fighting and healing, and how it applies to everything including such items as clothing and food. This is also what makes Clan Lord rather unique among games.


n.1. A holiday season that occurs once ever four years, usually coinciding with December through early January ooc. It is marked by the appearance of Santa Chicken


n. Bad Karma. v. To give bad Karma.


v.1 The ability to stand in front of a monster and not get hit by its swings. n. A fighter with enough defense so that a monster can not hit him/her when it tries.


n. big red orga. BRO's include Orga Furies, Wraths, Frenzies, Hatreds and other big red orgas.


n. Back Spawn: when a snell spawns in the current or last snell the party/exile is in.


n. weak creatures used to keep a more deadly creature away while the party deals with a greater threat.



v.1. The act of staying in a particular place long enough for multiple spawns of beasts or valuable items to appear. The former is discouraged, the latter is seen as game abuse. v.2. The act of swinging on a monster and standing there while your balance recovers while other fighters are waiting to get in to hit, when you aren't the brick. This is greatly looked down upon. If someone says "no camping" someone (usually the person they're standing behind) is hogging a space and should move back to let the other fighter in.


n.1. seige weapon that hurls stones with poor accuracy. Puddleby had one until it was stolen by Orga. The whereabouts of the catapult are unknown, but suspected to be in orga territory in the Northeast portion of the island.


n. Camp Dred, a snell just past the foothills that is generally safe from creatures. The portal from whatzit Shop in west Puddleby by the boats sometimes connects to the portal in CD. Even though the portal isn't permanent there it seems to have found a home in CD. It leads to DW.


n.1. iron links joined together to form a thin metal rope used for dragging fallen exiles. v.2. The act of using a chain to drag fallen exiles away from battle.


n.1. The fallen person being dragged. (Usually a Laughing Academy member!--Inu 13:35, 26 January 2009 (PST))


n.1. The person who drags the fallen person. Chainers have formed a guild known as the Catanae.

Chicken Glory[edit]

n.1. The homage paid to noted exiles with Chicken in their names. 2. The mantra of the cult created by Super Chicken to worship him.

Circle share[edit]

v. when fighters organize into a circle and share the the fighters clockwise (CW#) from them with their spare share slots not being used by healers or mystics. Often this is considered the fairest way to share experience between fighters when the group is larger than 6 people.



n.1. A fighter trainer that teaches fighters to inflict more damage on a beast with each hit. n.2. damage. See Darkus in the Fighter Trainers section.


n. Dark Chamber. The pentagram chamber within Dark Temple on Ash Island. Evil place. Plenty of skeletons, undine, and fire. See SDC's Maps for more info.


v. Disconnected. Usually occurs unexpectedly due to a problem on the clanners computer or internet connection.


v. The act of typing /depart and ending up in purgatory for a brief time, after which you are deposited at the last altar you touched -- usually the altar is the temple in town center. When you depart you lose some experience. See The Experience System for more info on departing.


n.1. A fighter trainer that teaches fighters how to avoid being hit.

n.2. defense. See Detha in the Fighter Trainers section.


v. An indicator message that one gains little experience for killing or helping kill a creature. Dispatching a creature gives less experience than a “Kill” message and is just above Slaughter. See Slaying messages under The_Experience_System.


n.1. Dwaven Fighter who roamed the lands pre-rip, one of the first to learn fighting techniques discussed in this manual. Dizzle Passed on his knowledge to his son Charlos when he retired at the end of the Ripture Wars. See "#Killswitch."


n. 1. short hand for Damage Per Second. A term that has crept into use in ClanLord from World of Warcraft. In this context DPS means a fighter who has high Darkus and fast Regia. See High Kill Rate (DPS)


Draining v.1. The act of leading a monster (particularly feraling ones) to an active snell edge with the intent of leading it off the snell away from the party. (It is a rarely used technique, thus the term is not familiar to many.)


Dropping v. 1. The act of leading a creature that is coming at you to a brick, rod or tougher fighter, so it attacks them and not you. 2. Slang for kill as in "drop it."


n. Dark Temple. An area on Ash Island that has undines, wraiths, and acolytes, See [1] for more info.


n. Dredwood. An area past #CD that has Orga Dredlocks, Warlocks and Hemlocks and tougher orga.



n. Ethereal Plane. The plane that is traveled to via the Portal Island portal or through the use of an EPS.


n. Ethereal Portal Stone. A small device used to open a portal that leads to a random snell in EP. EPSes are made from one lump of iron ore, one ethercle and one ingot obtained from an NPC named Bumgal that plays a number guessing game.



n. a type of wild dog that lives in many climates, but most reside in the northern forests.


v. The movement of most ferals is to circle their prey, and so this movement is called feraling. i.e "The VC feraled our healer and I caught it before it attacked her."


n.1. A formation of exiles in a defensive formation, with almost no space between each person, usually anchored on at least one side by terrain. Often exiles fallen at the edge make up the border of the fort, and movement within the fort is accomplished by pulling. Often used in overwhelming situations, especially with monsters that can push exiles. n.2. A barrier composed of kudzu

Fort up[edit]

n.1. A command yelled by a leader signaling others to form a fort which his a protected circle or wall of the healthiest fighters or rods.



n. Greater Death. At once, this was the most dangerous undine in existence. Looks the same as a ?, which is affectionately called fluffy by Falinea's Blade members.


n. Good Karma. See the sharing system entry for more information on GK.


n. Game Master. A person who oversees the players in the game. Also, some GMs actively develop items, areas, creatures, and new abilities and other content for Clan Lord.


v. "Glubbed" the act of stealing a ranger “lastie” — whether intentional or unintentional.



Hatreds' Hollow. The snells accessed by going through Wisher's Gate in Snagglewood.


(AKA Higgy) n. A healer trainer that increases your ability to take hits from monsters, found in the healer hall. 2. The quality of being able to take hits, as in He has a lot of higgy. See also Higgrus trainer details


n. 1. A fighter trainer that increases your ability to take hits from monsters, found in the fighter hall. 2. The quality of being able to take hits, as in He has a lot of histia. See also Histia trainer details



n. Island Panther. A small black predatory cat that can be found in abundance in the NWF and the SF. Also known as "coins with legs" and "little walking money bags" because they are easy to kill and their furs are valuable.

IP Address[edit]

n. ooc: Internet Protocol Address. The numeric address used to locate your computer or another computer on the internet.



Joe Williams, president of Delta Tao software the makers of Clan Lord.


n. 1. Creatures in a snell that don't provide experience to the party when killed, but instead are annoyances or hindrances to the party.



v.1. "Kill" said when an exile is trying to hit a creature being rodded or bricked and finally hits, or the person trying to tag gives up, as a signal to kill the creature. See Kill


n. Kizmia's Island. An Island Northeast of Puddelby Island, and east of Ash Island.


  1. v. to reduce a creature or exile to zero health points (or less in terms of exiles).
  2. v. an indicator that one gained experience for destroying or helping to destroy a creature. See Slaying messages under The_Experience_System.


n.1.Charlos, a famous dwarven fighter, son of Dizzle. Charlos was taught by Dizzle how to fight. Charlos expanded on the techniques. Using these techniques he proved himself in a clan challenge, earning the name of Killswitch for the volume of monsters he alone hunted in an hour.


n.1.A plant that grows amazingly fast, often used by exiles to make barriers against monsters, or trap more dangerous ones. Kudzu can also be dried and smoked for its psychotropic effects. Kudzu has an amazing short life span, making seeds commonly harvestable within an hour (CL Time) of planting. Colloquially called "zu" or "'zu." See also Kudzu page.



n.1. Invisible non-corporeal demons from the ninth circle of the abyss, that often attack individuals making them slow to react. Some individuals can sense the lag demons and futilely attempt to slash them. Some exiles are possessed by them, while others are occasionally harassed by them in passing. See also Lag Compensation.


n.1. A creature a ranger is studying in an attempt to learn movements, to befriend or to take shape of. This comes from the fact that in order to get credit for it, the ranger must be the last person to hit it (get the killing blow). It is considered “rude” to knowing steal a lastie. A call of “last” means the creature being attacked is being studied and to not deal the killing blow to it if one is not studying it.


abbr.1. short for Long Range Webber. Certain arachnoids see and throw from further distances than others. These long range webbers might not follow after throwing a web if the distance is too great.



n. One of the Brion brothers. His element affinity is Earth. Responsible for researching, creating, and distributing armor and shieldstones to exiles. Yet, he's mostly reviled by the exiles. He speaks only Dwarven. He obviously lacks a good Public Relations person.


n. Short for Metzetli Island. It is in the North ocean, just south of Dal'noth Island.

Moon 'Zu[edit]

n. 1. A close relative of kudzu, it comes in colors tinted blue. Specific properties of how it differs from kudzu are unknown.


“Go North” crossing the snell border.


Nerfed. v. When GMs deem a place, a skill or an item too powerful, they lower the numbers on the item to what they consider a more respectable level. This often causes a great outcry.

No hit[edit]

p.1. Short for "I haven't hit this monster yet. Please don't kill it until I've hit."


n. An Arachnoid. A half humanoid, half spider creature that lives in dark caves. The color of an arachnoid indicates its difficulty level. The order of arachnoids that get progressively harder is listed here: grey, purple, orange striped, blue, green, jade, olive, malachite, crimson, albino, pitch and slate.


New Orga Outback. An area past OV.

No swing[edit]

p.1. Short for "You're standing in my way of being able to swing at this monster. Please move a little bit, so I can swing."


n. Non-player character. An NPC is not controlled by any player in the game and is instead a character with pre-scripted actions based on player input. NPCs facilitate actions in the game associated with game mechanics and role playing. Non-player characters are identifiable by a light blue background behind their name.



n. Orga Camp. A small snell in Tanglewood where Orga live northeast of Puddleby.


n. Orga Eye. Wearing one while fallen decreases the amount you are fallen a bit (less than a message). Wearing one while standing weakens all your stats.


n. Orga Outback. The snells past Hatred Hollow.


ph. Out of Character. When an exile talks about real world things, they are said to go out of character.


n. A race of one eyes, intelligent creatures at war with the Centaur. Orga Shamen, Zealots, Warlocks, Hemlocks and other 'locks have the ability to throw fireballs or lightning (in the case of all 'locks). They reside primarily in the northeast on the island of Puddleby, but can be found on Devil's Island among other places.


n. Orga Stronghold. A large group of snells deep within orga country, to the far east, north east of puddleby.


n. Orga Village. A group of snells somewhere in the OOB where orga have a sizable force.



v.1. To hold a beast behind terrain by placing your body on the other side of it.


n.1 the Pitch Caves past Camp Dred (CD).


Peeling. v.1. The act of leading one or more monsters away from a larger group of monsters being led by a runner. (See Runner.)


n.1. One who peels monsters away from a runner.


ph. Perilously Near Death, the most fallen state one can get. it actually covers the highest range of negative health an exile can get.



n. the Queens Chamber. The QC is where the Queen Myrm resides with her attendants. There are two queen's chambers, one in the old hive accessible via North Farms, and one in the new hive located in the Myrm Highlands.



1. n. Rocky Cavern: a cavern located in East Forest east of North Pass. 2. v. Reconnect: To connect to the Clan Lord server after willingly disconnecting or unwillingly getting disconnecting.


n. 1. A trainer that increases the speed at which you regain spirit. Found in healer hall. See Healer Trainers-Respia or [2]


n.1. Originally developed to absorb lightning thrown by orga 'locks and named after that practice. Now it is applied to any situation where a healer is absorbing damage from a monster, or otherwise taking damage that can't be bricked. A rod is composed of a least one healer (commonly 2 or 3) with one absorbing damage (called the "rod point" or "rod") and self healing and the other healers (support healers) healing the rod point.


n.1. A person who leads a herd of monsters, often corralling them, so his group can pick off the herd one by one by using a peeler. (See: peeling)


“Go South” crossing into the next snell.


n.1. The slate caves accessible via the foothills.


p.1. short for "suck (or sucks) donkey balls." Applied to things that are really bad, like the Balance Tax. (See: Balance Tax)

Share Circle[edit]

n. A share circle is commonly done when there are more party members than 6 and there are less than 5 healers. Fighter arrange themselves in a circle and share clockwise (by default it's always clockwise) with as many share slots open that they have.


v. killing or helping kill a creature, that results in no experience generated for the fighter because they are too high above the creatures level to learn anything from killing it. This is in opposition to experience generating experience from Vanquish, Kill and Dispatch messages.

  1. n. a reference to an exile’s experience level vs. creatures in terms of what he or she slaughters {as above} or the amount a trainer increases slaughter (i.e. “My slaughter is really high because I trained tons of Histia as a newbie.”)
  2. n. used as a reflection of a trainer’s effectiveness or value: The amount a trainer raises minimum slaughter (i.e. A “high slaughter” trainer would make lower level creatures become slaughter {as above} sooner than a trainer with “lower slaughter”).


(A.K.A. Snaggywood) n. The snells past the Orga Camp (OC) which is located in Tanglewood (TW).


n. also known more formally as "sn'ell." A single area in Clan Lord that one can travel without passing through a grey area, generally. The word "snell" origin is not completely known. What is known is that the "'ell" part stands for "yell" because a single snell is the entire area one can hear a /yell from. The "sn" has been said to stand for "snert" since Snerts tend to yell often. It could also stand for "single node", but that is unconfirmed.


n. A player that plays the game to grief other players, or is disruptive out of character. “snert” is said to stand for “snort nosed eros ridden teenager” and other things.

South Farms Empire[edit]

n.1. region extending from South Farms south Encompassing South Forest and the South Beaches, ruled by Emperor Phelps. There is a one coin per day charge for hunting here, yet Emperor Phelps has never enforced this law.


n. Windweft Peak, next to Bison Plains.


n. Sunstone v. The act of thinking to everyone or to a specific person.

Sun 'Zu[edit]

n. 1. A close relative of kudzu, it grows faster and is less movable than regular kudzu.



v. The act of hitting a monster once to get experience for the kill.


n.1. A fighter who can both brick a large group of creatures or dangers, and take a large amount of damage without falling, often plowing through them without concern for their own health. v.2. To plow through a group of monsters, taking massive amounts of potential damage and destroying them in the process.


n. One of the Brion brothers. His element affinity is Undine.


n. short for "town center" the central snell in puddleby that has the temple, town hall and the libraries.


v. to share and then unshare a person (or unshare then share, preferably ) when you are fallen to indicate that you need help, or to answer "yes" to a question. Two toggles or none means "no." Three toggles means an error was made and to re-ask the questions. See Toggle.


v. To regain health slowly without the aid of a healer or morph. Any exile can also visit Troilus in a hut in North Farms to increase the speed of this ability. Note however, that unless you train a few hundred or more ranks in this, you will not match the speed of a slow (low faustus) healer.


n. Tanglewood. A forest maze where north is not always north. TW is located north of the western half of East forest.



p. One of five brothers, all of whom are wizards specializing in one of the elements. Umbrion is a master of fire and resides in his keep on Kizmia's Island.


n. Critters that are undead and attack exiles. [3] [4]



v. killing a creature well above your level that earns the most experience. Vanquish is the highest level of experience one can gain, and for creatures far above one’s level, that experience has a cap — experience is truncated to the highest one can earn based on the exile’s total ranks. See Slaying messages under The_Experience_System.


n. A Valley Cougar. A large black cat that Ferals around victims.


n. a Valley Panther. a Valley Panther looks exactly like a VC, except it charges at the closest exile, and does more damage than the VC.



Wisher's Gate, a snell just past Snaggywood, that leads to the OOB - Hatred's Hollow snell.


whiffing: v.1. swinging at a beast or exile and missing. Also, called "fanning." WW village: n. Windweft Village (“Snowy”) next to the Bison Plains.



v. Not described.