The Sharing System

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The sharing system, while not unique, does affect various aspects of play. The most prominent of these effects is the experience points one gets from someone who is sharing with them when they kill a beast. The other effects are making it easier for a healer to heal you faster and how fairly coins are divided up among a group. It is very important to share a healer healing you. Healer shares take priority over other shares, except in some cases where a mystic is with the party and needs a share to do something.

For each dispatch, kill or vanquish, the person being shared with (the sharee) gets 10% of the experience the person slaying the beast (the sharer) receives. The sharer does not loose the 10%, but instead gets a 1% bonus (for each shared fighter) or 2% bonus (for each shared healer) for sharing. Thus, if a person is sharing with 5 people (the maximum number of people you can currently share with) and slays a creature alone, they get at least 105% of the experience, while each sharee gets 10% of the exile’s earned experience. The 10% bonus to the sharee doesn't continue on to whomever they are sharing.

When multiple people slay a creature (known as “tagging”), the experience is divided amongst them. If they're cross sharing each person gets a bonus of 10% for each person who is sharing with them, plus their 1%-2%. So it's possible to get nearer 100% of the experience. In group hunts this adds up quickly, and people tend to advance faster if all are cross-sharing as much as possible.

To healers this shared experience percentage is how they get most of their experience. Also, fighters must share a healer to make it more efficient for the healer to heal them: Healers do not consume as much spirit and they heal the fighter faster.

If the creature slain has a fur or teeth that is successfully skinned/pulled, the coins are divided among the people who hit it and anyone on the same snell that they are sharing.


In a group of 6 exile 2 are healers & 4 are fighters. All Fighters are cross-sharing. Let's say all fighters tag a creature, and kill it.

  • fighter1 gets a percentage of experience (100%/4fighters)=25% base
    • fighter 1 gets a 2% bonus per healer shared(+4%) and a 1% bonus per fighter shared (+3%) = +7% of the 25% = +1.75% bonus
    • fight1 also gets the 10% experience from each other fighter’s share (+2.5% * 3) = +7.5% bonus
    • The fighter’s total experience is the base (25% + his own sharing bonus (1.75%) + sharing experience coming from other fighters who tagged (7.5%)† = Total 34.25%

Each healer gets 2.5%*4 = 10% of the experience.Healer's thus have a harder time earning ranks than fighters, however healer ranks are more “potent” in terms of effectiveness vs. fighter ranks, and this fact is reflected in how quickly their slaughter is raised.††

This assumes none of the people who tagged slaughters the creature.

††This example might contain percentage errors, healer might actually get 20% of the experience earned through a share vs. 10%, in which case healer’s earned percentage would double.

Circle Sharing[edit]

When in a group, and there are less than 5 healers, fighters will form a rough circle and share with the person|people clockwise of them. For Example, if someone in the group says “Circle 2” or “CW 2”, you would share with the 2 fighters clockwise of you.