If Unable to Retreat

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Focus on Greatest Threat[edit]

The more damage something dishes out, the more it needs to be dead. All fighters able to get to a major threat should do so ASAP. Using pulling and quick clockwise rotations to get the heavy muscle to the toughest one. If you can't hit it and you're being pounded, pull in a stronger fighter to take care of it. Then work on killing the toughest thing to hit, or the next greatest threat. If the healers are stable, then work with other fighters to kill their attackers. When that's done, kill the extra monsters on the brick, unless they're being used as buffers.

Plant Kudzu[edit]

If you have time and the ability, have a person run the monsters and give your group time to plant kudzu into a fort, a wall or a bowl to hold the monsters. (Again, make sure the 'Zu won't grow to block an exit or entrance.) If there is no time, use the next best thing — dead bodies. Bodies, kudzu, trees and rocks make excellent anchors.

  • Allow small gaps in your protective wall. Leave them wide enough between anchors (bricks/rods) for hit and run fighters (High Atkus, Low Defense) to rotate attacks and back the anchors up, but not wide enough for a monster to get through.

The Sacrifice[edit]

If you're party is stuck pinned against a wall and you have a layer of dead fighters in front of you, sometimes there will be a stronger fighter than you who is healable, but is also fulfilling a crucial role as a buffer. The stronger fighter has a better chance to get your group out of a jam than you do. In this case you pull the better fighter back to your safe spot to be healed up and you take the fall.

This is your decision if you wish to sacrifice like this though. See the entries on Tactical Falling to learn how to fall in the best position.

Monsters as Buffers[edit]

Skeletals, vermine and other weak creatures can be used as a wall as well. Since they have such low atkus most fighters could leave them alive because such creatures can't hit them or cause less damage than what's behind them. And they act as a buffer. Their whiffing is the only thing keeping that big old nasty demon behind them from vaporizing you with a touch!

If you see a fighter duking it out with a demon and there's a lot of lesser monsters around him, only kill the ones that aren't keeping the second demon from him.

Healer Focus[edit]

Healers should focus on healing the wounded, not the fallen, unless your standing fighters are holding their own long enough for you to raise another fighter or healer. Heal the most valuable fighters and healers to keep them standing. Why raise Biff with the glass jaw when you could raise Hellrazor with the detha of a slate arachnoid?