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Thank you to all contributors (Lorikeet, Taryn, Talas, Inu, Melben, Blackhole, Blaise, Dyaus, etc.) to the original and successive CLUMP versions. If you would really like to support the continuation of the CLUMP, request an account and keep it up to date. Also, there are many areas I do not know about and am not qualified to write about, just making or correcting an inaccurate page is a huge help.

If your support is financial, first throw Delta Tao a bone and buy a game, an account and extra character, or time. In 2009 I moved the CLUMP to an actual ISP, and have a fee of about $10 a month. If you still want to donate to the CLUMP specifically, contact Noivad on the discord server or in game for my email address to send money over PayPal. All contributions will go toward keeping the site registered and accessible. If you would like I will list your contribution here, just let me know. Now there's a new donate button below. This money goes directly towards my hosting bill — I won't see a dime of it.

Thanks, --Mwadmin 01:36, 27 August 2010 (PDT)

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