Formal Complaints

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Filing a formal complaint is often used when a person is harassing or threatening a person or persons. It is also used when players cross the line of what is acceptable play. Players who role play raping another exile, sexually harass women or behave in a way to annoy other players constantly (these are called SNERTS ) are all good reasons to file a complaint with Complaina in the city hall.

Complaints are a serious matter to Delta Tao, and each is looked into by GMs. If the complaint is found to be valid, most people will get a warning via e-mail, or online from a GM. If the player fails to comply with a GM order, their account may be suspended or even revoked permanently, with any remaining time of it not refundable.

Even if an exile is not kicked out of the game, they will gain a reputation as a snert and many exiles will refuse to help them in any way. Often snerts are karma bombed by many players, and generally treated like garbage by other players. They are considered fair game by some, and may even be harassed with the support of the exile community. The snert may file a complaint against others, but their credibility is so damaged, that often GMs will toss out their complaint.

These steps are intended to keep snerts out of the game, and discourage snerty behavior. Some snerts wise up and reform and may eventually regain a half-way decent reputation over a long period of time if they act in a manner acceptable to the community. Some just leave.

To date, only 2 people have ever been banned from Clan Lord that we know of. However, like most online games, there are a few more people that act pretty badly, but, while their behavior can be very annoying, most usually don't cross the line that makes them eligible for banning.