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This page is horribly out of date. I’m looking for someone that wants to take over this page and update the content. Contact Noivad in the lands or on the discord server.

How to Become a Champion[edit]

Champions are a subclass of Fighters. To become a Champion you must complete the following steps in order:

  1. Become a third circle Fighter
  2. Qualify for the Fell Blade
  3. Become proficient with the Fell Blade and find an Earthstone
  4. Join the Champion subclass
Qualifying for the Fell Blade[edit]

In order to qualify for the Fell blade, the aspiring champion must get backstabs on beasts. When a aspiring champion gets closer to qualifying for the fell they get the message • You experiment with a new fighting style. (more documentation needed)

Becoming proficient with the Fell Blade[edit]

Once you have qualified for and purchased a Fell Blade, you can begin training by using the /use /practice command. You will gain ranks in it whether you have it equipped or not. See a Champion for the exact amount of Fell Blade training that is needed.

Finding an Earthstone[edit]

Earthstones can be found within iron ore. If you take a piece of iron ore just outside the Champion hall to Erthor, for 20 coins he will examine the ore for metal as well as an Earthstone. Finding an Earthstone is very uncommon and can require hundreds and hundreds of iron ore.

The following factors are rumored to make Earthstones easier to find:

  • Amount of iron ore previously examined
  • Achieving higher circle status
  • Amount of Fell Blade ranks trained
  • Total ranks trained
Joining the Champion subclass[edit]

Once you've trained enough Fell Blade ranks, you can turn in your Earthstone to become a Champion.

An unconfirmed rumor suggests there is also a "Body" stat requirement to becoming a Champion, which can be achieved by training Evus.

Champion Abilities[edit]

The Fell Blade[edit]

Fell Blade training provides Atkus and Darkus bonuses when attacking a beast from the back. When attacking directly at the back of an enemy, the full bonus of the Fell is used, but when attacking at a 45 degree angle against an enemy's back, only half the bonus is used. Fell bladers generally prefer to use only as much of the Fell's bonus as is necessary to hit an enemy because of the vast amount of balance consumed when the full bonus is used.

The Fell Blade is helpful for Fighters with lacking Atkus training. Once a Fighter has enough Atkus training to hit everything he wishes to hunt, the Fell Blade becomes much less useful, so training excessive amounts is not recommended.

Earthpower Stones[edit]

Champions can gain four special stones: Atkite, Dethite, Darkite, and Balthite which increase Atkus, Detha, Darkus and Balthus respectively, once the Champion trains to use them. These bonuses are only gained when the respective stone is equipped, and only one stone can be equipped at a time. Additionally, holding any of these stones decreases the rate at which Earthpower energy is regained, so a Champion may sometimes want to unequip them to recover faster.

There were five trainers available to teach a Champion to use these stones, Channel Master and one trainer for each of the four stones. The trainers besides Channel Master were removed, leaving Channel Master as the one stat that affects Champ *-ite abilities. Channel Master training determines how strong the stones can become when held. Champions can /reflect on a stone to see whether their training in it is above, below, or equal to the amount necessary to receive the full bonuses of their training with Channel Master. A Champion can also focus a small amount of their Earthpower energy into one of these stone, which will increase its strength for a brief period of time.

The advantage of training to use these stones is that they grant the ability to shift stats to adapt to different situations. Another advantage is that while the Atkite stone increases the amount of balance consumed by swings in the same way that Atkus does, Atkite can be unequipped to "turn off" that training when the extra accuracy is unnecessary. This lowers the balance used on each swing.


The stonegirdle can be used to turn to temporarily turn a Champion to stone. In this form the Champion cannot move or attack, but gains defense and, with training, potentially a vast amount of health. A minimum training of 30 lessons with Corsetta is required to use this ability, and continued training will increase the duration and amount of health added. There is no health bonus at the minimum training of 30 lessons -- a Champion must train beyond that to see any. The health bonus acts as sort of a temporary health buffer. It increases the Champion's maximum health and then temporarily heals a portion of it. When the duration ends, any bonus health remaining is lost.

It's possible to cancel the ability before the duration has expired, but there is a health penalty for doing so. The amount of damage incurred by canceling early is reduced by further training. A significant amount of Earthpower energy is consumed when using this ability.

Lava Cloak[edit]

The lava cloak engulfs the Champion in flames, spreading to anyone nearby. It can be devastating when used against a large group of monsters, because the monsters will be continually bumping into each other, keeping the flames going by spreading them around. Training with Vala Loack determines the amount of damage the flames cause when touched. Unlike the girdle, the lava cloak can be used without any training, but will deal negligible damage. The lava cloak consumes a bit more Earthpower energy than the stone girdle when used.

Spirit Management[edit]

Champions can train with Toomeria to increase their ability to store Earthpower, the source of energy used to power many of their tools. Unlike Rangers, Champions do not have a regular trainer that increases their ability to regenerate their energy. Thus, it can take a very long time for a Champion to recover their Earthpower energy after using their tools.

It is recommended that non-Thoom/Halfling Champions make the 5-10 rank investment into maxing their Zehnt training for a little bit of extra Earthpower regeneration.

Champion Trainers[edit]

Channel Master[edit]

"I can teach you Earthpower Channeling, so you can use the Earthpower stones."
• Your Earthpower Channeling improves.

Each Fell Blade rank provides a fraction of a Channel Master rank (.2). Note: When greeting you, Channel Master does not recognize ranks you've acquired through Fell Blade training. (More documentation needed.) Channel Master trains in Balthite, Dethite, Darkite and Atkite.

(Documentation needed.)


"I can teach you to store more Earthpower."
• Your Earthpower improves.

Toomeria is like Sespus for Champions. She increases your Earthpower pool.


• You seem to recover Earthpower faster.

Zehnt is like Respia for Champions, increasing the rate at which you regain Spirit. This is a capped trainer, essentially allowing other races to bring their Spirit regeneration up to match the natural rate of Halflings and Thooms (who are capped at 0 ranks).


"I can teach you to use the stonegirdle to change your body to stone."
• Your stonegirdle ability improves.

Corsetta improves your stonegirdle ability in multiple ways.

  • Thirty ranks are required before you're able to use it
  • Each rank adds ~0.5 seconds to stonegirdle's duration
  • Each rank adds more Histia while in use
  • Each rank reduces the amount of damage received if stonegirdle is turned off early


• Your stonegirdle movement knowledge increases.

Training Nomoss allows a champion to walk (very slowly) while in stoneform.

Vala Loack[edit]

"I can teach you to use the lava cloak to ignite those who attack you."
• Your lava cloak ability improves.

Vala Loack increases the damage dealt by your lava cloak ability. The spirit cost remains unchanged.


"I can teach you a balanced combat style focused on defense."
• You seem to fight more effectively now.

Erthron is a combo trainer like Evus. He is about 15% more rank efficient than training all of his components individually. Here's a rough breakdown of his components:

  • Detha (a lot)
  • Balthus (a lot)
  • Histia (a fair amount)
  • Atkus (some)
  • Regia (some)
  • Darkus (some)


"I can teach you a mixed fighting style that combines balance recovery and personal fortitude."
• You seem to fight more effectively now.

Forvyola is a combo trainer like Evus. She is about 2% more rank efficient than training her components individually. She trains roughly half Regia, half Histia.

Where to go from here[edit]

Check out the Champion section of the discord server for advice on training and anything Champion related. Also, there are some Champion Macros by Soul Hunter and Jo’Maril that come in handy.