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Coffee and Donuts[edit]

Go to Clan Lord’s Discord Server to discuss the content of CLUMP, suggest pages, request accounts, and have hunting techniques explained & discussed. Question like “why is this your preferred way to do this over just doing this?” are encouraged.

What you can get out of the CLUMP[edit]

This site is dedicated to you the Clan Lord player. The CLUMP is built with the idea that anyone can ask general questions about the game and get information and tips to become a better player. If something is not covered here and you're registered you can ask it in the FAQ section. If you are not registered you can still participate by going to the Discord server.

Who's in Charge Here?[edit]

The short answer is me, Noivad, but it's more complex than that. When I decided to offer up my Fighter Manual in Wiki format, I essentially wanted others to take the ball and run with it, transferring it from one person's opinions and observations, to a community effort where everyone gets a say, and is equally valued. With that in mind, I announced it in game and on our favorite forum, The Sentinel. I was hoping people would recognize the need for a manual for new players and flock to add their personal observations on what makes a good player and a cohesive group. With that, several knowledgable exiles stepped in and with the help of a skilled editor the CLUMP(version 1) was off. While I am the ultimate arbitrator if there is ever a conflict, I will not exercise that responsibility without open discussions and without a challenge to controversial material in the first place. This is to foster an open exchange of ideas instead of discouraging contributing that a iron fisted approach would do. So, the more complex answer is, You are in Charge.

How to contribute[edit]

If you feel you can write a good explanation geared for players of all kinds then request an account here and make that page*, or modify an existing one. If you do not think you can write well enough, but would like to contribute your knowledge, write what you can and send it to Noivad via the Sentinel or via my email address. I will see if I can rewrite it, if it needs it, run the rewrite by you and then throw it up. If you don't think you have anything to contribute, but you have questions that aren't answered here. Then by posting them here or on the Sentinel, you're contributing to adding content to the manual by pointing out holes in coverage. So, while you might think to yourself, "I don't want to bother them with this question I have, so I won't ask it" or "what if my question is really dumb?" rest assured that we want to be bothered and the only stupid question is one that's never asked.

*Note: to prevent spammers from making a ton of accounts and spamming the site by making junk pages, I have disabled account creation. After much research I have not found a reliable way to allow open sign up and prevent spammers from sneaking into the Media Wiki install. So, in the interest of integrity I will keep account generation to request via the Sentinel or in game. Sorry, but the bad apples of the internet make everything more difficult for us all.

Note To Former (CLUMP1) Contributors[edit]

I would rather have everyone get their fair share of credit for building this site, and deeply believe in the concept of recognizing individual contributions to larger projects. When decided to purge the spam accounts, I couldn't both keep all history listing the original page creator and editing changes without also keeping the spam accounts. I looked into it and realized I would have had to manually remap creation and edit listings to link it back up to the original contributor. With the current structure, this should no longer happen. But if I even open up account creation again, the situation might reoccur. However, if you wish to be credited for writing an entry (and making it "stick", you could sign your entry in the text, or some how make it clear that you are the author. (i.e. "Taryn's Healing Tips" or "Inu's Macro suggestions", etc.) If you do not have an account, I will gladly recreate one for you, or you can simply send me a page link and say you'd like to be listed as the contributor.

Contacting Noivad[edit]

You may catch me in game if I have time to talk. My in game mailbox address is 2239. You can also reach me on the CL Discord server.

If neither work, there are maybe 4 other “Noivads” on the internet, last I checked — "Slackers!*" So, I am pretty sure a quick [DuckDuckGo] search will quickly find multiple ways to contact me. Note: I’m the one that speaks English, Doesn’t play Minecraft, nor the one in the Special Ops team in FPSes.

(*I’m the original “Noivad” since before the Internet was a thing people bought computers and modems to hop on and post pictures of their food. If I was a robot, I would be “Noivad Prime” with big explosions *BOOM* behind me onscreen and a deep authoritative voice…)