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You’re lying fallen and you can’t get up. What will you do? Well you could depart and lose experience. Why, you’ll just toggle a friend, or if you're new, someone, for example, the last person you saw. If there’s a mystic on try toggling him/her. Some have studied the magical art of being able to sense the direction and distance from town you are fallen. Some can even pinpoint the snell, making rescues come that much faster.

What is toggling.[edit]

Toggling is the act of sharing/unsharing another exile as a way to send a message while you are fallen. It can be used to indicate that you need help, or to answer questions about your location.

How do I toggle.[edit]

If you are already sharing the exile, you toggle by:

So if you were trying to toggle the Mystic Mary Jane, you would type: /unshare maryjane or un mary then sh mary or /share maryjane.

If you are not sharing the exile, you toggle by:

  • /share <ExileName>
  • wait 3 seconds
  • /unshare <ExileName>
  • wait 3 seconds
  • /share <ExileName>

Note: It is not considered polite to continuously toggle the same exile without waiting to see if said exile is able to assist. Sometimes exiles are out of town on a hunt at the time. If so, they might direct other people to rescue you.

How do I toggle to answer yes or no questions?[edit]

Generally a toggle is assumed to indicate Yes. Not toggling is assumed to indicate No. However, read the question carefully that the Sunstoner asks you as not all exiles follow this custom when asking you to toggle.

How do I toggle to answer general location questions.[edit]

Some exiles will have a toggle code for which direction you are from town center (TC). They will indicate this in their Sunstone message to you. The following are customary toggles for indicating your location:

  • 1 toggle = North
  • 2 toggles = East
  • 3 toggles = South
  • 4 toggles = West.

Note: Some exiles do not use a full toggle when they ask you to toggle 1= and so on. Unfortunately this has the habit of causing confusion as they will assume you know what a toggle means to them. You can try to fix that by toggling wildly (more than 4?) and hopefully the sunstoning exile will realize you meant a different answer.

If I am asking a fallen for their location where do I start?[edit]

Start by asking yes or no questions. If no toggle is reached after the first two, then you can stop trying to assist the person. If the person is still fallen after 15 minutes it is generally ok to ask the first question again.

  1. Ask if the fallen needs assistance?
  2. Ask if they are with others, or sunstone asking if the exile is with anyone.
  3. Find out what they fell to by sharing them and waiting for their status to list in your exile list (highlight them).
  4. If they are a new exile, they are generally close to town, you can either try to ask them where they are, or you can ask them to share a mystic and then ask the mystic for their location.
  5. If they are no mystics, or you wish to try locating them without a mystic, then see this topic: Help I've Fallen and I can't get up

Popular Falling Locations[edit]

Newer exiles tend to fall alone more often. If you do not know the level of the exile, you can deduce where they might be based on what he or she fell to. See each heading’s Creatures list for common creatures in those areas, or Creature Reference below.

South Forest[edit]

When in South Forest (aka SF), if you fall, most exiles will ask which column you are in. Columns are north–south (top to bottom) arrangement of connected snells. In other words if you start in one snell of a column and continue to run South you are said to be in that column. Columns are generally named after what is in their southernmost snell. These columns are named from west to east (left to right) as follows.

  • Immediately south of town = Scout.
  • One east of town (the second column, south of east farms) = Yada.
  • Two east of town (the third column) = Mirror.
  • Three east of town (the fourth column = Marsh.

SF Creatures[edit]

Typically exiles will fall to Island Panthers (IPs), Artak Cougars (Artaks), Bolok Cougars (Boloks), or Orgas. Less often seen in this area are trools, various sized Rockodiles, and small arachnoids.

Kitty Beach[edit]

Kitty Beach (aka KB) is a popular coining and experience location for new exiles who are usually accompanied by more seasoned exiles. However, even seasoned exiles can get into trouble, rendering the entire party fallen. KB is located 2 snells south and 1 snell west of town.

KB Creatures[edit]

Typically exiles will fall to Island Panthers (IPs), Artak Cougars (Artaks), or Bolok Cougars (Boloks). Also inhabiting this area are various sized Rockodiles. Rarely seen are Cave wurms, Mahas, and Orgas.

Northwest Forest[edit]

Northwest Forest (aka NWF) is located North of North Forest and can be accessed by exiles with 20 or more pathfinding (PF) ranks. It is rich in furry creatures which makes it a popular place for coining. It is also subject to large back spawns (BS). That combined with the presence of balance poisoning herpetids of various sizes can catch even the most experienced exiles off guard thereby causing their entire party to fall.

NWF Creatures[edit]

It contains Island Panthers (IPs), Artak Cougars (Artaks), Bolok Cougars (Boloks), Orgas, plus a large number of ferals, and herpetids of various poisoning strengths.

North Forest[edit]

North Forest (aka NF) is located just north of the Orchard, north of town. It is inhabited typically by ferals of various varieties. It is favored by second circle and above fighters who are soloing. However where there is one feral there is usually a pack of 3 or more around. This can overwhelm younger fighters and inattentive healers, causing the party to fall.

NF Creatures[edit]

It contains mostly ferals, with occasional Artak and Bolok Cougars, Orgas and sometime herpetids.

Creature Reference[edit]

See Org Du Lac's Bestiary for more info about what creature is where in the lands that way when someone falls you'll have a good idea where they might be.

Half Toggling[edit]

Half toggling is controversial: some people love it, some people hate it. Below is a guide for using half toggling, which may be useful to you even if you do not use it to locate others — because someone may use it to locate you!

A toggle starts with being shared, goes unshared, then back to shared. A half toggle goes from shared to unshared OR from unshared to shared. A common mistake for a victim answering the first question of a helper whom the victim was not previously sharing is to share first and then start half toggling the reply. That initial share counts as a half toggle. Of course, the questioner should anticipate that ambiguity.

So, first, eliminate that ambiguity. If the victim isn't sharing you, the first question should start with "share if …" (e.g. “share if you need help”, “share if you're awake”)

Second, if you have any doubt whether or not the victim understands half toggles, ask them. If they are already sharing, the simplest question is: half toggle if you understand half toggles. If they unshare, great. If they instead toggle, do not use half toggles with them this time. Offer to explain it to them later, after they are rescued. If they unshare, but later re-share before you ask your next question, do not use half toggles with them this time. Avoid half-toggling when there's ambiguity, else you'll go crazy with the answers.

Also, if most of the questions you plan to ask are two-answer questions, even if they are not yes-no questions, consider using ordinary toggling instead.

In EVERY question you ask the victim, if you want a half-toggle response, explicitly ask for a half-toggle response. Do not assume that because the last question was a half-toggle question, the victim knows you want a half-toggle reply to the next question. For example, just say "HALF-toggle 1=this place, 2=that place, 3=another place."

If you are currently being shared, order the answers so that the answer you think most likely is #2, and the answer you think is next most likely is #1. Starting from being shared, two half-toggles brings you back to being shared. That's more comfortable for the victim, since they know you’ll get periodic reminders of their fallen state, and better for you, because (if you don't know already) you’ll find out what the victim is fallen to, and if the victim is unexpectedly raised (by an unexpected rescuer, or by a depart). And since you’re using half-toggles to try to get more information faster, one half-toggle should be the next most likely answer because it takes the least time to do.

By the same reasoning, if you are not currently being shared, order the answers so that the most likely is #1 (returning you to being shared as well as taking the least time) and next most likely is #2.

Consider including a catch-all response, e.g. “other.” For example, “HALF-toggle your direction from town center: 1=north, 2=south, 3=east, 4=other.” Notice the order listed of popular falling locations: south forest and kitty beach were listed first, followed by northwest forest. That explains 2=south and 1=north. 3=east covers east town, east farms, marsh, east forest, passes, plains, savannah, ... lots of stuff. 4=west is small by comparison, unless you mean to include off-island, which is ambiguous for the victim. Better to say 4=other, which not only gets both, but also includes underground as well as in town-center itself! In addition, sometimes your victim will not know where they are, or know exactly where they are (well enough to answer your possibly detailed question), so consider including something like “5=not sure.” One of the aims of half-toggling is to always get a positive response, avoiding the normal toggling ambiguity of was-that-a-no or did-they-fall-asleep or are-they-toggling-someone-else.

When you’ve got the answer you need, if you're unshared, ask the victim to share you. Remember, victims are uncomfortable not sharing; plus you get additional information if you are shared. And if you’re a healer, you don’t have to remind them to share you when you reach them. If you need that extra information, though, you may want to share the victim to ensure you don't miss it in a state of being unshared. A statement like “Share to confirm…” does several things: you get shared, you get confirmation, and you’ve implied that you won’t be asking anymore questions for awhile, so the victim doesn’t get nervous by the silence. Indeed, it’s a good idea to periodically let the victim know the state of things, and not leave them in a long silence. Just think of how’d you'd feel in their place.

Finally, recognize that half-toggling increases the chance of error. If the answers start feeling odd, back up and ask for confirmation (in the most likely slot). For example, your victim has toggled for south forest, or so you thought, but you cannot find the victim, and asking whether the victim north or west or east of mirror is getting #4=other, maybe ask “Ok, backup: HALF-toggle 1=you are NOT in south forest, 2=you are in south forest, 3=you touched a mirror in south forest and are somewhere else, 4=you are now on someone's chain, 5=other.” Note that for half-toggling, answers do not need to be mutually exclusive: the victim can pick what the victim feels is best.all GoScan to your default macros file.