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  • 20221126: The next concert is Nov 26 at the usual time, 11am pacific.— Coriakin
  • 20221119: Lore Tour continues Saturday, November 19, 2022 10:00 AM PST. We will be returning to the Shadowplane to continue our explorations and to try and rescue another Lost Dreamer that has been stranded there. As usual, strong help would be appreciated.
  • 20221112: **Lore Tour** returns Saturday, November 12th @ 10AM PST (be mindful of the recent US time change). Stinkfist just handed me the following on a scroll with the plan:
> After deliberation and conferment with Kalian, who can't stand the thought of Darshak having nicer things than him, Ambassador Gorvin and his position of Darshak murder is always good, Garr who just wants to burn stuff, and general mad cackling by the Pirate King of Lok'Groton it has been decided that we will return to Ash City to "murder, pillage, and take the fancy things that those nobles brought there"
> Loot and pillage and make Kestrel too afraid to EVER leave her tower. There will be loot this time, Stinky has some promising leads on that. A cat witch told him about it in a dream! 


  • 20221105: Lore Tour returns Saturday, November 5, 2022 10:00 AM PDT. This time we will be retuning to the Shadowplane to continue to explore and view the strange sculptures within. We believe we have discovered a stable way to exit the shadowplane so a depart is no longer certain, but we still could use many strong exiles to help brave the dangers within. — Phroon

  • 20221029: Next weekend’s bard concert in the Puddleby Theatre will be Tsirrin themed! Come in costume to enjoy spooks and spoops. Ghosts and shadow madness are a definite maybe, safety not guaranteed. It’ll be at the usual time, Saturday, October 29, 2022 11:00 AM PDT — Coriakin
  • 20221022: Lore Tour continues Saturday, October 22, 2022 10:00 AM PDT. This tour will be Feast of Tssrin themed. Come join us in your favorite costume to help bust some ghosts! — Phroon
  • 20221015: No worries Phroon. Lore Tour returns 10AM PDT. Stinky says we’re going on a “Classic Pirate Kingly Adventure.” All ye need is to show up with plenty of pack space so we can help our friends out. 🏴‍☠️ ❣️ Also I want more Vision Stream art, wah wah wah. — Inu Teisei
  • 20221008: Lore Tour continues Saturday, October 8, 2022 10:00 AM PDT. We plan to return once again to explore the Shadowplane, this time focusing on exploring the mysterious shadow ocean and lands beyond. Again, strong help will be helpful. Sadly, a way out of the plane has yet to be found, so until it is a depart is certain. — Phroon
  • 20221006: H’loi! I expect there will be a meeting between Tar’Targ and Cimmbrion at the lake in Northern Puddleby on Thursday October 6, 2022 7:00 PM PDT. Possibly in Arial Eth'lenn’s home or outside. All exiles are invited to attend. A neutral, third party would be appreciated but you are nai required to act as such. — Ausrine
  • 20221001: Lore Tour returns Saturday, October 1, 2022 10:00 AM PDT. We plan to return to the Shadowplane, and explore the strange lands within. Strong help will be helpful in exploring the plane. Luckily we still have loan of Pelaegia’s lantern to calm our minds. A stable path in has been discovered, but we have yet to find a way back home. It is very likely that this will be a one-way trip, EPS and Purgatory Pendants do not seem to work in the Shadowplane. Unless we find another way out, a depart is certain. — Phroon
  • 20221029: The next concert will be on Saturday, October 29, 2022 11:00 AM PDT and take place in the theatre. It'll be Feast of Tsirrin themed, so wear a costume! — Coriakin
  • 20220924: Alright, then! Bard concert next weekend at Egremora’s tavern, at Saturday, September 24, 2022 11:00 AM (PDT). Bonus points for anyone who brings a song that’s a story. Raks, any chance you can reprise that story about Dandelion and Helpful? 🙂 — Coriakin
  • 20220922: It has been 17 years since Tyndall, the beloved sylvan warrior, passed away. He was loved by many in life, and is remembered both as a cherished friend and a Puddlebean legend.
    • Every year, we mark this day by coming together to celebrate our memories of Tyndall and our other lost comrades: Baffina and Baffette, slayers of orga; Tonoto, the mapmaker; Eyeball, courageous and funny; K'pyn, the King of Pins.
    • We newly grieve the passing of Xenos the Brave and Panos the Boar, who were pillars of our community for decades and will be remembered well as long as we are here to do it. They wished us all “a happy and fruitful life and the good sense to live it with no regrets.”
    • Please join us to share memories, whiskey, cigars, beer, songs, and bonfires in the Memorial Garden on September 22, 2022 7:00 PM. All are welcome. If you knew any of these exiles, you are warmly encouraged to attend and to share your stories. If you are grieving someone from outside the lands, know that this is a space where you can hold that in community. If you would like to show love and friendship to exiles who have lost beloved people, know that your presence will do that.
    • There are a lot of people who might be interested attending this memorial, but don't keep a close eye on Thoomcare, Discord, or Facebook. If you have the capacity, we invite you to help bring our little town together by reaching out to folks who you think would be interested in coming but won't notice these posts. Thank you! — Largo
  • 20220917: Lore Tour continues Saturday, September 17, 2022 10:00 AM PDT. We plan to return to Egremora’s bar in Fountfell, have a few drinks, convey Sarasera’s hellos and talk about repairing the Windweft altar. And maybe if we have time a story or two. — Phroon
  • 20220910: Lore Tour continues Saturday, September 10, 2022 10:00 AM PDT. We plan to return again to Shadowspring and continue our investigation into the Pages of Rend and possibly return to the Shadowplane. We will again need strong exiles to travel through Shadowspring and brave the dangers of the Shadowplane. We will need to try to stay nearer the sun lantern, lest we all slowly go mad and lash out at our friends. — Phroon
  • 20220907: The v1293 update is scheduled for Wednesday 7 September 2022.
  • 20220903: Lore Tour continues Saturday, September 3, 2022 10:00 AM PDT. Our plan is to return to the depths of Shadowspring Citadel, investigate the shadows, read some triangles, visit with Pelaegia, and if we can make it check on the Agronox Seal. As always, Shadowspring is filled with difficult creatures and we could use a strong group.

Many thanks to all those who have charged the ancients machines recently, your help has been instrumental in making this happen. — Phroon

  • 20220827: Monthly Bard Concert Saturday. 11AM PDT.
  • 20220820: Lore Tour continues Saturday, August 20, 2022 10:00 AM (PDT). Some time ago we had contact with Darshak from Gathner led by Kestrel and her associate Dorcas. We will be visiting them with our chosen ambassador Gorvin to conduct further negotiations regarding the future of Darshak in our island chain. See Ambassador Gorvin for details. — Phroon
  • 20220813: Lore Tour continues Saturday, August 13, 2022 10:00 AM PDT. We plan on continuing our checking of the ancient machines, and our search for changes made by the ancient spelling and grammar checking machine. We’ve already observed some changes in the triangles and we suspect there might be a few more changes to be found. We will be trying to visiting Heartwood Glade in the Vale of Giants, and revisiting Sunspire, so some strong help will be appreciated. — Phroon
  • 20220827: Bard Concert “Next concert August 27 at the same time!” — Coriakin
  • 20220806: Lore Tour returns Saturday, August 6, 2022 10:00 AM (PDT). We plan on revisiting some of the ancient machines in the Eastern Mountains, checking to see if the shadows are there and if any of them might be that Ancient spelling and grammar checking machine. We plan on visiting some of the tougher machines to get to, so strong help would be appreciated. — Phroon
  • 20220730: Bard Concert: on Saturday July 30th at 11am pacific time, but it won’t be in the bards’ field. Instead head over to west town near Prometha’s bonfire for our beach party themed concert! Enjoy sun, sand, and surf while enjoying songs about sun, sand, and surf. Wear your best beach attire and get ready to cuddle in close because there won’t be a stage. See you then!
    • (For bards who don’t have many/any beach-themed songs, other music’s fine. But if you’ve got something - great!)
  • 20220723: Lore Tour: Astral Projection Shenanigans Saturday, July 23, 2022 10:00 AM
    • Today’s lore tour followed Stinkfist’s guidance and ended up on a trip through a variety of…. peculiar locations. First a dark cave filled with mauling and crushing spirits, then to a desolate peak floating in the sky, to a trool village, and beyond. Eventually we ended up in a marsh with some meshra interested in trade, and a strange obelisk that hummed inanely in thoomish. Stinkfist decided we needed to steal it, but an attempt to astrally project it back to Puddleby went awry and we ended up in the shadowplane instead! We were led to a giant shadowplane-ish statue of, er, me. I'm still puzzling that out. But before we knew it we ended up back in the Puddleby mushroom hut, with the obelisk there! Unfortunately, the obelisk was right in the middle of the pool there and promptly sank. — Coriakin
  • 20220714 — created template sitenavbar (using quick links). To insert it in pages use sitenavbar between a set of 2 curly braces “{{}}”.
  • 20220706 — The v1284 happened on Wednesday, July 6, 2022
  • 20220702 — Lore Tour continues Saturday, July 2, 2022 10AM PST/5PM UTC. We’re continuing the search for luminous scales and a sun wyrm’s shadow. Or search will take us back to Gungla Island and the dark places within. — Phroon
  • 20220625 — Next Bard Concert: June 25, 2022 11AM PST, 2PM EST
  • 20220618 — Lore Tour continues Saturday, June 18, 2022 10:00 AM (PST). Our plan this time is to follow up on rumors of new caves in the Rocky Cavern and search for clues for the luminous scales. — Phroon
  • 20220611 — Lore Tour: “plans are still a bit vague, as they may change depending on what happens. The general plan is to:

1) visit Tart’targ so Aurelie can deliver Cimmbrion’s message (and hopefully defuse some of the hostilities).

2) Visit Strangler Fig to try to get more information about the Book of Rend or about the books that the shadowguild stole from her.

3) Visit the rocky cavern to talk to the Sun Wyrm there and ask about acquiring luminous scales. Rumor has it that it requested a “dance with the shadows” or something along those lines, so I’m really hoping people come up with a better idea than “Make Coriakin Try To Summon Shadows” which was already suggested. Not by me.” — Coriakin

Not Bear Counter Heist The Mystery of Mehans Armor.png
  • 20220604 - Lore Tour June 4th. Destination Windweft Mountain. (plan pictured left) UPDATE: “Lore Tour successfully fought an evil armored bear likely infested with shadows that was trying to usurp Birosson’s place as chieftain of the glacier bears. Mehan’s armor was dinged to destruction, sadly, but at least it’s not being used for nefarious purposes. Or by nefarious porpoises.” — Coriakin
  • 20220521 - Lore Tour May 21 at the usual time: 10am PDT/1pm EDT, 7pm CEST/UTC+2. “Coriakin reports: Next week's Lore Tour will be to the Vale to try to find Master Spruce. On the way, we hope to visit Strangler Fig for a quick chat. May 21, 10am PDT”
  • 20220514 - Lore Tour (10AM PST)
    CL-Haunted Fane.jpg
  • 20220430 - Next bard concert will be April 30 at 11am pacific time! — Coriakin
  • 20220226 - Bard Concert, Saturday Feb 26, at 11AM PST
  • 20220212 Lore Tour is Saturday Feb 12, at 10 am PST/1 pm EST
  • 20220205 - Saturday Feb 5th 10am PST/1pm EST Lore Tour: The 2nd Battle for the Ancient Bear Caves. BE THERE! SAVE THE BEBE BEARS!" Update: Bebe Bears saved.
  • 20220129 - Next Bard Concert: January 29, 2022 11AM PST, 2PM EST ”who will win the Museum Token?“ UPDATE: Bingro V’arndal won!
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  • 201707xx - Updated to the latest version of MediaWiki. Please report any unexpected behavior.
  • 201505XX - Updated to yet another version. Hopefully this v. has more pep.
  • Added Rank Message and Ranger Progress in Actual Tablular format — oh the power of 1990s layout!
  • A new contributor has appeared (happy to make accounts by request)
  • fixed a few little things here and there as needed.
  • Master Fistus is apparently a bro.
  • 20140731 - Updated to the latest stable release of Media Wiki on my Branch. If you see any weirdness let me know (on the Sentinel/Discord).
  • 201407 - Added to Group Survival Guidelines, updated how to dodge webs, added in more into about controlling where you fight and fluid movements with in the group.

20140326 - Updated to the latest version of Media Wiki (released 20140311).

Past Events[edit]

Puddleby Archery Contest Rules
Date - Sept. 2
Time - 1:30 p.m. PDT, 4:30 p.m. EDT, 8:30 p.m. GMT
Locations - Spiritwood, University, Castle

The following are the rules and regulations regarding the Archery Contest scheduled for Sept. 2nd. Please come and enjoy the festivities. Beer, food, and fun are certain to be had. Each exile will need a projectile weapon to compete; however, javelins or bows and quivers with three arrows included will be sold the day of the contest. Please be aware the bow, arrows, and quiver will be sold for the same coins the NPC's require to make them, and exiles will not be charged for seta scales, tusks, sturdy limbs, and feathers. I believe the total for a bow and set of arrows is 150c.

The Prizes: First place will pick first from the prize pool, second place will pick second…

1. Lyfelidae Claw
2. 5000 Coins
3. Furlined Cloak
4. Puma Pelt
5. Orgaberry
6. Waterproof Boots
7. Caustic Gland
8. Lilaberry, other items...

Arsenal: Current inventory status available for contest

1. 5 Javelins (75c each)
2. 8 Bow and 11 quivers with 5 arrows each. (150c each set)
3. 1 Boomerang
4. 12+ arrows, judges at each round will have extra in case of breakage

Three Rounds: Three rounds open to all. (Mystic, Healer, Fighter all have chance to win)

Round 1. Test of Hunting (3 pts.)
a. 1st round held in the Spiritwood
b. Each contestant will be allowed three shots to kill or wound a spriggin.

Round 2. Test of Accuracy (3 pts.)
a. 2nd round held in the University
b. Each contestant will take three shots at three different distances.

Round 3. Test of Will (3 pts.)
a. 3rd round held within the Castle
b. One shot of moonshine then 20 secs to fire 3 arrows at a stationary target.

Tiebreaker - if required
a. Tiebreaker round options include a group hunt, cash bonus round, etc...
b. The last contest did not require the tiebreaker, but judges will vote on round

Contributors: Special thanks to many exiles... Natas for letting me remove that lyfe claw from his thick ghorak skin. Neko No Kessha for their large cash prize and promotion. Coldy for his endless questing of prizes and finance. Fiona for her gracious donation of the super sleek puma pelt. Chmee for his berry collection. Taryn for her vast storage fees and arsenal assembly. Maeght, Connie, Talas, Fredor, Yosaku, Grog, Arbitur, the Hunter's, D'ead, and many other exiles I am forgetting who generously donated arrow and bow ingredients over the past decade.

Special thanks to the Clump for helping to promote the contest!
Special thanks to the Sentinel for helping to promote the contest!
And finally, special thanks to the entire Neko No Kessha clan for helping to promote the contest!

3/26/2012: I have implemented a self-signed security (SSL) certificate that enables HTTPS to protect passwords and thus accounts. All links should redirect to https now. I would like to get an official certificate when expenses allow it, but just the static IP is ~ $50/year. Most browsers will warn people visiting about it, but it is legitimate, but check it out to make sure it is of the proper origin first. (Only a player could have made it.) Also, the new home of the CLUMP is on in case you never look at the URL address bar.

2/27/2012: Yet another long hiatus. I was informed by Talas that he couldn't edit pages. I looked into it and realized that I upgraded the underlying PHP to 5.3.x but not MediaWiki to comply with the changes. BAD ADMINISTRATOR! For now, I've reverted to PHP 5.2.x and pages are now editable. I'll try not to be so sloppy next time I update the underlying structure. Unfortunately, my attention has been diverted as I investigate and evaluate various technologies to handle possible Clan Lord and other non-CL projects I've been considering beginning. I am thinking about implementing the Zend2 framework for a CL timeline site, but it is still in Beta. If you know Zend2 or just Zend, any online resources you think would be valuable to look at to speed learning/evaluating them would be welcome. noi... at noi... dot net is a good contact address for that.


9/8/2011: Long hiatus as I worked on refining my PHP skills by building a site from scratch, and not related to the CLUMP2. I've been gone for a bit and haven't had time to update. Luckily others have filled in a bit. Please send me feedback on pages you'd like and unclear explanations. If you're a professional writer or a really good amateur, I'd appreciate your input as well.

Also, I'm kicking around the idea of making a CL timeline in PHP. I'm kicking around ideas. If you'd like to discuss please goto the coffee and donuts section of the Sentinel.


8/25-27/2010: transition made! new URL! Fresh, unspoiled DB!

Currently moving all data to a new DB. Unfortunately all accounts will be destroyed, to remake an account contact me directly with your email address for confirmation. Contributors, please do not make pages without any connection to other pages, or any pages to "protect" them.--Mwadmin 06:02, 25 August 2010 (PDT)

7/27/10: Registration has been stopped. Accounts are created by request only now.

7/06/10: Welcome Arindal Immigrants.


1/18/09: Welcome back old players and welcome new players. Clan Lord now has no monthly fees. New Areas and new Islands abound in the last few years. Ask about Death Trap Noids (DTN), Metzetli Island (Metz), and The Mountain Glen (Glen) for a look at all the changes. If you remember Tenebrion he's been trapped in the Ethereal Plane (EP) for a few years. Fighters have 3 subclasses now: Champions, Rangers and Bloodmages. Healers just recently acquired 2 new tools! There are many minor changes as well. Catch up with what's been happening at Thoomcare.


8/11/08: A new page entitled 10 Things for Groups is available to peruse at your leisure. Aura Healing ability needs a page, aside from the Radium as do Blood Mages.

6/19/08: One Step Closer The CLUMP is one step closer to being a legitimate entity. I found a cheap ssl cert site, RapidSSL, and we now has internets certificates! Also, in order to pay for said certificate, I added a paypal donate button to the donations page in case anyone ever visits it.

6/3/08: "Oh that crazy Org!"


I updated links to Org Du Lac's Bestiary after I noticed that he updated his site to php a while back and I never updated the links. We've already got php, It's very nice!

Double checked that the database this puppy runs on is backed up every night after many months of blind faith. looks good! See >>>>

Minor diction change: I now prefer the term "creature" to refer to anything that you kill for experience. I'll slowly roll that out as I notice it in the pages.

10 things for groups is taking shape and I may include Michael's version of what not to do in groups, edited for language of course. (Interestingly enough some of the topics he covers ARE mentioned in the notorious How NOT to handle bad situations subsection of group hunting.

We're up to 86 pages! Wow! Only a few of which are not used. I'll be trimming down the unused pages soon. If you have pages that you don't want deleted that aren't being used. Please link them to another page so I know not to touch them.

'Til next time! Same Thoom time same Thoom channel!

6/2/08: Updated a few pictures and links. More Links are welcome. A Mystic page was added. Currently compiling player suggestions for 10 things for hunting in groups at [The Sentinel]. Please feel free to add to the discussion there.



Input is welcome on the Discord Server  or anywhere.


Thank you to everyone that has contributed so far. I've read over your changes and It's obvious some people are a lot clearer writers than me, also I like the healer perspective being fleshed out in the healing section, particularly the rodding section.


Also, I've just added a new Appendix: Command Reference.

11/27 Updated the Wiki to version 1.8.2. This should mean nothing to you, just thought I'd note it.

12/5 The Clump will be temporarily offline for a few days in the next week or two. It will return to its regularly scheduled serving as soon as possible. I'll update the Sentinel when it goes offline.

1/17 Updated to MediaWiki 1.8.3 because of a vulnerability in the system that could allow session information such as passwords be redirected to another site. 1.8.3 deals with this problem. there should be no noticeable change in using the CLUMP to users.

2/23 I've updated to MediaWiki 1.9.3 everything seems to work that I've checked. if you experience anomalies or can't log in. mail noivad -at- mac -dot- com. I had to update because there was a security issue, and we all know how much we like things not to be spammed and taken over.

3/15 I've added little things like external links to other's pages within the manual instead of just the links section to make it more expansive and interactive. I'll continue to do this as I come across places to link things to. I also encourage people to add clan lord related links to the manual and links page.

-The manual is pretty well fleshed out and more accurate thanks to contributors now, and updates made by me will be less frequent, but that doesn't mean I'm going to neglect it. It's my mission to keep this manual as current and accurate as possible without spoiling too much.

-I'm trying to get a mystic section with what knowledge they can share, but there appears to be considerable resistance to even basic info within the council, and without their approval I'm holding off on even trying to get any information.

6/13 Updated to MediaWiki 1.10.0 e-mail me with any problems... besides trying to get the e-mail to work (unless you know a solution) or have a link with info about fixing it.

6/14 After a long and arduous adventure e-mail from the CLUMP is now active. All users please verify your e-mail address given because I'm turning on an option to require e-mail address verification before one can edit.

12/02/07: Updated to MediaWiki 1.11.

1/29/08: Updated to MediaWiki 1.11.1 -- Security vulnerability patched.

Additions and To be added[edit]

These are only some of the more prominent additions. There are pages being updated almost daily so check the RSS feed of changes feed://

Added Mystics: Requested info about mystics from mystic council — it took a while!

6/2007 Added: Knighthood

1/0x Added link to Org Du Lac's Bestiary].

1/06 Adding standing too close to snell border under Tactics.

12/2x Added another reason to chain while leaving a snell in Chaining.

12/0x Added Macros.

11/27 Adding Fighting Basics: Very basic combat info for beginners: swing and fall back. Use a brick if you have one or terrain while you regain your balance. Added: fighting tip about how reach is dependent on movement speed.


11/26 Add: All hail the reigning president !

Added in more material about writing macros to the Macros Page. It is completed.

10/xx Added: Chain lightning info: if you see a bolt bounce, get away from others drawing lightning. Add how to take down a bolt bouncer: have each fighter stand on opposite sides of the 'lock and the lightning won't bounce.

10/xx Added: Healing page. may have to split it into multiple sections.

10/xx Added in section on the combat zone. Always decide where to fight monsters, not the other way around. Have healers recognize and stay out of the combat zone or behind the fighters.

9/xx Added: Dodging Webs

8/xx Added a section to retreating telling people how to provide cover for injured or exiles how might not make it out of the snell if you leave them caught between a rock and a hard place.

8/xx Added Focus on creatures when in a tough situation. Explain greatest threat and to kill first.

To Add Basic explanation of trainers: Atkus uses up more balthus, Darkus slows down regia, Evus teaches a bit of everything, but the atkus to balthus ratio is tilted to eat balance slowly. Virtually no fighter trainers are "pure" trainers, most have a mixture of other elements in them.


Wanted: Info on Radium, anything you find missing! Thanks to Kenegluk for pointing out holes in coverage!

Iriel Red contributed a book for the logo, and in my humble opinion made a great logo for the CLUMP.

I'd like to get information on knights and knight items since I often get asked that by exiles looking to become one. So, if any knights out there want to share, please make a page with the answers. (:

    • Inu says: See above, page created, linked in to appendix and here.

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