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Which GM Ruined Cinnamon's Life[edit]

Note: The title of this is in jest - it is based on a posting Cin made on the Sentinel and a favored tag line of a certain GM (a running gag). Cinnamon is one of Clan Lord's most well known contributor to the discussion of various changes made in the game. He is second only to Icy in sheer number of postings*. Maeght is up there as well these days.

  • Icy cheats on his post count.

There may be others added but they either keep a low profile or have been newer additions to the volunteer GM force. Please remember to thank your GMs.


Bard GM, Updates GM

Life ruined for not fixing the /selectitem macro code.


AKA HelpfulGM Secret Mysticky stuff, Drake's Den Quest, Devil's Island


Playhouse, Gungla Island, General fixer of stuff

The list is far too long. Eldon is the big target because that's part of his role, like the guy sitting on the platform over the tank of water.


Not sure.

At the top of the CL Pyramid Scheme, Joe is the final authority in all that ruins Cinnamon's life.


Kizmia Island, Ethereal Quests

Inappropriate Activity GM. Up until scripted events...Be In My Timezone GM

Server/Client/App GM[edit]

He likes to keep hidden, but he's the real programmer of the GMs. He updates SOCKS, makes server changes, updates the clients, creates the behind-the-scenes Editors and the like


Fighter GM, Metzetli Island designer, Bloodmages


Old Fighter, Healer GM. Reputedly the goddess of goodies worshipped on the top level of the bakery. On leave tending the "Smallest of All".


Tending to a little one currently....


Ranger, Champion, Housing, Phantasm

Make Cinnamon Fight With Pe Ell GM


Portal, Champion GM