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Clan Lord Questions[edit]

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What Does Teysia in the Healer's Hall do?

see Studying With Teysia

Where are the pages about becoming a Mystic?

I've thought about including pages on becoming a Mystic but two problems present themselves. First is I'm not a mystic, and second I don't know how much information would be allowed. A full Mystic is welcome to disclose what he or she is given permission to by the mystic council. However no solutions to puzzles will be revealed here, nor the locations of these puzzles. (Perhaps I've said too much already.) Update: Thanks to Lundar for making a short page about Mystics.

What friends are in cl.
How to add friends.
How do you benefit by having friends?
See the answer to these 3 in appendix F: Friends...

Can you explain how exactly to use the /options command?

/options instructions can be found by using a "?" options: for instance /options ? speech will list the options for speech

/options list will list all the things you can set.

Currently the settings you can change are*: speech speed [slow|medium|fast|zoom], tip of the day [off|on], skinning [off|on], jury duty [off|on], icon [armed|unarmed] (* The Defaults are in bold.)

So, to set speech to zoom, you'd type: /options speech zoom