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Much of the items that exiles really need, must be purchased from other exiles, NPCs or such with the currency of Puddleby — coins. Apart from selling items (a chicken and egg situation for newer exiles), the method by which exiles usually earn coins is by going on hunts and earning coins from the furs or mandibles of the creatures that are slain. Not all creatures will give exiles coins, and some creatures randomly drop a chest when killed. With creatures that do give coins, not all exiles will earn coins from that creature. See the Recommended coining places section below for more details and good places to earn coins. To see typical values of items sold see Buying and Selling.

How coining works[edit]

Not all creatures have skins or mandibles that are worth coins. When a creature is killed, those that do have furs/mandibles are generally skinned/extracted by a player chosen at random located in the same snell. If the first player chosen fails to skin/extract, another player is chosen at random to attempt to skin it. This process continues until someone skins the creature or there are no more people on snell to attempt to skin a creature. Success in skinning or extracting is not guaranteed. If no one successfully skins/extracts fur or mandibles, the coins that could be earned are lost.

Although exiles have some ability to skin/extract creature’s furs/mandibles from the start, to be more successful at skinning/extracting exiles can chose to train with Skea Brightfur to increase their chances of successfully skinning a creature, and Dentir Longtooth to increase their chances of successfully extracting mandibles. Generally the more difficult a creature is to skin/extract, the more valuable its fur/mandibles are.

The amount of Skea or Dentir one has only increase odds of successfully skinning. Exiles with no skea have on rare occasions, skinned/extracted creatures furs/mandibles worth over 100 coins. Conversely, those with hundreds of ranks in training have failed to skin/extract coins from creature’s worth less than 10 coins. An element of chance can always ruin furs, and conversely create a lucky skin for those with far beneath the required ranks. The amount to approach near 100% perfect skinning as possible has been observed to be approximately 3 ranks of Skea or Dentir per 1 coin worth of fur/mandibles. So, in order to get an almost certain skin of a 20 coin pelt, one would need at least 60 ranks of Skea.

Some exile eschew Skea and/or Dentir entirely to focus on core combat skills that improve their fighting or healing abilities, and rely on others to have the necessary skinning or teeth pulling ranks.

Variable amounts.[edit]

Not every creature of the same type provides the same amount of coins for its furs. Most creatures have a range of coins earned for their furs that is dependent on the skill of skinner (as in not ruining the fur — e.g. has more Skea), and the season. Usually creatures skinned in late fall or winter seem to provide higher value furs than those skinned during late spring and summer. For mandibles, the season component has not been observed.

Health requirement[edit]

Another interesting component of coining is that you do not need to be standing to be eligible to collect coins from furry creatures. Fallen exiles are not able to skin creatures but do collect coins for themselves, as long as the fallen hit or is being shared by someone who hit or skinned the animal. So, if you have a skinner with you on a coin hunt, make sure to keep him or her standing as much as possible.

Recommended coining places.[edit]

Kitty Beach Older exiles typically bring newer exiles to Kitty Beach to help them earn coins and for experience. In addition to having a large population of furry kitties, the safe entrance/exit point on the northeast side is convenient for running to when trouble strikes.

South Forest Usually following exhausting the furs in Kitty Beach, exiles will typically begin a north-south 'run' through at least 3 of the 4 columns of South Forest to coin for furs. Kitties and larger vermine abound in South Forest, so this is another popular place for newer exiles soloing or with a hunting party.

Northwest Forest To gain entrance and to Exit this area requires at least 40 pathfinding ranks (Marsh Hermit). Again, kitties and larger vermine are usually found in this area but in significantly greater numbers. Newer exiles will need strong healers as they will fall often, but still be able to collect coins even when fallen.

Savannah This area is rich in Mahas and vermine, but requires seasoned healers if young exiles are in the party.

Plains Another area rich in kitties, ferals, and other coin-worthy creatures. Getting here usually requires the assistance of several seasoned fighters and healers.

Noids For those with Dentir training, extracting mandibles (and the resulting coins), can be quite lucrative. This area requires a brick, and a healer with Horus of about 50-100, or several healers.


Some creatures always or almost always drop chests. Some creatures randomly drop a chest which gives a variable amount of coins and experience depending on the type of creature. When the chest is opened (run over), only those exiles within view of the chest will get coins. So, it is good etiquette to /yell chest when a creature drops a chest and wait a few seconds for people to gather before opening it.