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Game mechanics are the fundamentals that every exile should know about how the world works. They break down into 4 basic concepts: Experience, Sharing, Karma and Combat Mechanics. Combat Mechanics is covered in Fighting. There are other systems in place such as The Court System and basic Training which is explored here a bit. However, class specific training will be covered in their respective sections.

The Experience System[edit]


The experience system in Clan Lord is a bit different than in other RPGs. Instead of advancing levels which increase all your attributes, you train specific attributes and later take tests to see if you are good enough for the next circle. Some class trainers are only available once an exile advances to a higher minimum circle within the class by passing a test.


As previously mentioned, once you gain enough accumulated experience, you get a rank. When you get a rank depends on which trainer you are training. One thing everyone learns is that you must balance your training to a level you're happy with, or else you might end up with a horribly lop-sided character that is no fun to play. So, understanding what each trainer does and how they interact with other trainers is important.

The Sharing System[edit]

The sharing system allows you to receive experience from others and also helps healers heal you using less Respia and without doing as much damage to themselves. There are also subtle benefits from sharing with a mystic. Sharing also allows you to see if someone you're sharing with has fallen and when they are raised - regardless where they are in the isles. This differs from clan members, whose status does not update if they are raised outside of the snell you are currently on.


Aside from experience your character can also accumulate money to buy things in several ways, from NPC vendors or from other exiles. Items in Clan Lord are unlike other games in that weapons do not have as wide a range in accuracy and damage as other games. The value of a character is not in their wealth or money, but in their skills, competency and abilities. After a character obtains certain items, most expenses are for item repair and upkeep aside from cosmetic expenses. This makes many older and frequent players considerably wealthy unless they chose to rent apartments to store trophies, buy furniture and store clothing.

The Karma System[edit]

The Karma system in Clan Lord is unique. Although it has very few real effects on the game, it does have some. Your karma is not something you can work toward increasing, it's given out by other players in reaction to your actions.

The Court System[edit]


The court system is used to sue other players when they have wronged you by performing what you think a jury would agree deserves punishment. Cases can be either in Character (IC) or out of character (OOC). Some cases are good and enjoyable to sit and watch or be of the jury, and some are a waste of time. To get on the jury, you can talk to an NPC in the court house. The system is Opt In, so you don't have to worry about getting stuck on jury duty at random. You can also set whether you wish to on or off jury duty using the /options command.

Formal Complaints[edit]

When a person is acting in or out of character in a way that adversely affects you enjoyment of the game and will not stop: you have two options. The first is to put them on your ignore list: /ignore {name} or go to Menubar>Command>Ignore. The second is to lodge a formal compaint in the town hall with Complaina.


When you can't Sunstone, toggling is a way to exchange messages with other people. Usually used as a way to ask for help, and give out a location or direction from town.