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There are several methods to determine the location of a newly fallen exile. Two are detailed later in this section. The others are briefly mentioned.

  • Crius announcement.
  • Fallen exile message.
  • Unapproved methods - IM (ICQ, Yahoo, AOL)
  • SS from the fallen or one of their party before they fell.
  • SS request for help from another exile.

Mystic location[edit]

In order for this to work, the exile must share the Mystic who will be doing the locating. It is courteous to share a mystic before you fall when you are solo hunting, on a mystic hunt, or you have enough share slots for a regular hunt. If you are the fallen you can indicate to the mystic that you desire locating, by toggling the mystic. Typically, a rescue healer will ask the resident mystic to help locate the fallen.


See how to Toggle.

With a backup fighter/healer[edit]

The roles filled depends on how many are involved in the rescue and the difficulty of the location where the exile is fallen. For example South Forest is an easier location than DTN, and as such more casual methods of rescue will suffice, and therefore SF may not require all the methods described.


A fighter will enter and begin killing the low level creatures. If there are higher level creatures, typically more than one fighter will be required so that the fighters do not become surrounded and fall themselves.

Sometimes if only healers are present, a high higgy/bodrus healer will kill the junk surrounding the fallen and any creatures that may attack the raising healer(s). If this is the case, then it is best that another exile be 'running' the creatures as described below.


In this case, an exile will draw the creatures attacking the fallen or trying to attack the healers and run so that the creatures follow him/her instead. This usually buys time for the raising healer, or the clearing exile to deal with whatever creatures that are present around the fallen. Typically when only healers are present for a rescue, one healer will run the creatures at least 4-5 exile lengths away from the fallen and the raising healer(s), so as not to 'drop' the chasing creatures on the fallen and those attempting to raise the fallen.

Heal or chain to TC/safe area[edit]

There are times when it is simply not safe to try to raise a fallen where they are, either due to high level creatures, the sheer number of creatures, lack of fast healing on the part of the healer(s), or lack of horus on the part of the healer(s). The chainer can grab the fallen exile solo without a supporting Runner or Clearer in casual rescues. For those rescues where their is significant danger, several runners and clearers may be required, and several chain 'runs' may need to be undertaken.

Solo rescuing[edit]

This is a rescue attempted by a mid level healer. Usually solo rescuing, unless in TC, is not recommended for new or lower level healers (below 500 ranks). Also most solo rescuers should have a chain, although some are able to perform this without a chain.

Typically the progression is this.

Running and/or Clearing[edit]

First the healer will enter the snell and determine the location of the fallen and begin to run the creatures he/she encounters. If this is a fighting healer, he/she will attempt to pick off the creatures one by one while running the creatures and hitting them until he/she runs out of balance, then running some more to regain balance. The fighting healer will do this run/hit process over and over until the junk is cleared or can be handled by their self heal. If this is a cadding healer, he/she may run the creatures away from the fallen within range of their cadding ability and try to raise the fallen, or the healer may first try to kill any rats or slugs feasting upon the fallen exile and then run creatures away from the fallen and cad to raise the fallen exile.

Grabbing and chaining[edit]

If the healer has a chain, typically they grab the fallen while they run by the exile, without having to waste time running the creatures. If there is too much junk on the fallen to successfully chain them, the healer will either have to run the creatures away by drawing them off, or try to clear the junk. If the healer does not have chain, then this step is skipped.

See Chaining for more about how to chain.

Exit/safe areas nearby[edit]

Usually a healer will have an idea of where to go to lose any creatures that may be chasing the chained exile or them. Typically, crossing the same snell border twice, will shake any persistent creatures, and allow the healer to lose the creatures. However, if the healer or the fallen is within 4 or less lengths of the snell border, that may draw the creatures back to the snell. In this case, if the healer does not have a chain, the healer should make a concerted effort by pushing or pulling to move the exile at least 5+ lengths away from the edge of the snell. Check the macros section for the '/lpush' macro.

It is always good to know in advance the safe areas of the general area you are going to. South Forest, KB, Lily Pond, North Field, Tanglewood all have known safe areas. There are many maps such as Drablak's [1] and Ton's [2] which will help you learn the locations of the safe areas.

Change in strategy[edit]

If you start a solo rescue but find you are overwhelmed by junk or high level critters, retreat immediately and call for help via SS. The act of finding the fallen will cut down the time spent by any who join your rescue attempt.