Dead Heroes

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Dead Heroes covers situations where doing something at the wrong time or foolishly results in your death or other’s death or becoming fallen worse.


Chaining is as much a technique as it is an art form. A good chainer will have a one button/key quick chaining macro that will check to see if the chain is in their right hand, if it's not, the macro will switch to the chain and immediately use the chain to pick up fallen exiles. This macro allows the chainer to do running grabs where the chainer swings right by the fallen and chains them without slowing down.

Also, in certain circumstances a chainer may chain one fallen exile to block lead monsters that run faster than the chainer. The chainer makes sure to keep the chainee between him/her and the beast that runs faster. With the fallen behind the chainer, the creature can never get by the chainee to attack the chainer. Thus, chain runners should make wide enough turns to keep the faster monster behind the chainee.

  1. The chainer should make sure to pick people up on the way out of the snell, not on the way in.

One reason for this is that if the chainer falls deeper in, then those that were close to the entrance will be further in and harder to chain for the next run. This is very important to remember, because if you are in a situation where you need to make a chain run, usually the party is in danger of all falling. Another reason is that, on the way in, creatures in the snell will be in front of you, and will converge on you and try to surround and trap you. While, if you're on the way out, you've managed to put a good many of those creatures behind you.

The chainer has to constantly be aware of the creatures that are in the snell, and of his or her health. It is better to chain only some of the fallens than to be accused of being "greedy" after falling next to the chainees because the snell was too hard and not all the fallens could be chained at once.

If you are chaining and have people already on a chain and miss chaining someone while doing a fly-by chain attempt, attempting to reverse direction to try again puts you at much higher risk of falling. Instead, make a small tight circle around the fallen or make another pass after grabbing who you can. The reason for this is that the chainees will often block your escape route if you stop and back up, or they'll cut you off from reaching the person that you just missed. In addition, such a snell is often full of creatures which can also block your exit or attack you, and you will be better able to get out successfully if you keep moving toward the exit once you have fallen exiles on your chain.

Charging into Death[edit]

Don't charge at two or more monsters with the combined strength to level you with one hit each. Just don't do it, you'll look like a complete idiot, and you tax the abilities of the healers. Call out for backup or separate the monsters.

Even though this is something that's obvious, I've seen enough young fighters do exactly this enough times to mention it here.

Tagging While Red[edit]

Don't try to make a tag on a monster if red — especially if you've already tagged. And unless you're positive you can time its swings with enough time to get in and out between them don't do it.

The only exception is if you're a master at fighting on red, have a lot of histia (where one hit can't kill you) or are a Blood Blader.

  • For BBErs: Do not run up to a monster solo while bloodblading. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but they are mostly for when everyone else is dead. Make sure you have a brick or rod safely in place to take its blow and time it right. Many a bloodblader has fallen trying to beat a monster to the punch. Even master fighters have a hard time beating anything to the punch. A bloody screaming fighter attacking a beast alone usually ends up fallen with other fighters disgusted with the blood blader. This situation has occurred so often as to throw a pall on Blood Bladers, making them the butt of many jokes.